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Artist: Shadow Government f/ Izzy Workin
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Where Will I Go?
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Izzy Workin]
Yo, uh-huh, M.T.M., that's right
North Yard, that's right, yo, yo...

[Chorus 2X: Izzy Workin]
Where will I go when I die?
Will I get to say goodbye to my loved ones? Mommy, don't cry
Through my kids I'll survive, look in their eyes
You wanna talk when ya lonely? Pray to the skies

[Fes Taylor]
Blunts and bears, with guns, I confront my fears
Death on my back, Grim Reaper follow my rear
Haters hollar negativity, all in my ears
Hoping my new company, fall in a year (Two 4)
My son, he the future of me, so the way it used to be
Yo, I'ma make it better, believe
Dreams they come true, son, I hung with a crew
That robbed niggaz for cash, hustling too
Horror, see through my past, we been through it all
We been cut, shot and stabbed, yet still wouldn't fall
Cops rushed the Ave, everybody on the wall
Like when crooked-ass pigs throw ya body on the floor
If it's beef, then Taylor bring the shotti to ya door
Before you take one of my peoples, take 'em to war
Breaking the law, lay low, waiting to score
Making it pure, out of state, where it's more
My paper is long...

[Chorus 2X]

On the visit...

Cell block on lock, to the visiting floor
I seen my daughter for a couple of hours, but want more
Squeeze tight, when I gotta let go, ready for war
See these nights? Never know, sleeping to dawns
And we fight, if you, fuck it, want beef, fool? Then, it's on
Cuz we tight, ninja, hit doons, ready to swarm
If I gotta get to you, to get back to my moms
Wage war on the walkway (BOMB BOMB) and you gone
See I got plans, mothafuck the hundred grands
Specman is copping oil fields and tons of lands
When I die, don't nobody cry
Blaze a blunt of haze for three days, blow the smoke in the sky
Fantom, I love you, Taylor, you my man
You gon' keep it going when I'm gone, but stay blessing these fans
Shadow Government, never gon' die, look who I am
Man, it's bigger than me, who's next to bless jams?

[Chorus 2X]

[Izzy Workin]
I'm on the block, once again, taking forty or better
Automatically spit sixteen like a beretta
You get dough, stick up kids here and want ya cheddar
Build ya team, they're coming to test ya
You could pray but demons still come and oppress ya
Ya not ready for the drama, you see cops and break under pressure
Or feel comfortable, because, y'all working together
Run up on ya chickenhead, and, pluck her feathers
I don't Harlem Shake/Down South Bounce for nothing
But I've been all over the States, networking and hustling
I still pray to God, make sure he's in my soul
Sinning everyday, but I know who's in control
It's my life, the way I live, you can't knock it
The army kills for profit, we kill for progress
Make that money, it's a process, my block's like a projects
This is the Island at it's best...

[Chorus 4X]