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Artist: Shadow Government f/ L.I.S.
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Why
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Fes Taylor]
Aiyo, why these niggaz is fronting like they top choice?
Start aiming, my lyrics is flaming like shots when the glock point
Why must I burn another rapper? You could learn from the master
Smoke germ, got me choking, fucking with my asthma
We move like vampires, night time, sucking plasma
Believe in God, but the church dirty, why must I trust the pastor?
Why do I live in Hell?
My do I mix anthrax and gunpowder? Son, to put 'em in shells
I'm trying to kill 'em dead, why you squealing to the feds?
Like we won't lay low, son, and put a million on ya head
Why real niggaz die over bullshit?
While fake niggaz walk around around fronting, son, and won't pull shit
He ain't talking 'bout guns, he talking 'bout twenty-two ounces
And Colt 45 beers, probably won't live for forty-five years
Profes, I bang in the streets, while all this is raw footage
Die from cigarettes? I'm more likely, son, to fall from bullets

[Chorus: L.I.S.]
Why, why must I...
Live this life that I live, pay this price that I give
If this life that I live is as trife as it is
Tell me why? Why must I...
Live this life that I live, pay this price that I give
If this life that I live is as trife as it is
Tell me why? Why must I...

Yo, another day, waking up, wishing I was dead
Cuz this C.O. banging on my lock, they telling me to make the bed
I don't wanna get up no more
Only got two in, they bang me two more, my next parole board
My little girl is calling me out
Sadie said, "Daddy stand strong, you could do it, I got no doubt"
Make my throat dry, my eyes moist
Block on the phone, I swear to God, I'd kill someone just to hear her voice
When I'm alone in my cell, I zone
I think of when I come home
Will I put the pieces back? I want zone
I hope I can, yo, I've tried to be a better man
O.G. veteran, still need cheddar, man
So I lay back with the Gov, and we gon' get it, man
And my girls eyes gleam, she know that this is second, and
It's wrapped up, Fantom beats got me backed up
While you could still get smacked up, fuck it, or clapped, what?


[Mr. Prezident]
Yo, it's the nigga Emmitt
Matter of fact, dog, it's the nigga Emmitt
Cars and the jewels to make the bitches wanna kick it with me
Hunger for the dough, got my niggaz doing stick-ups with me
Hood on my shoulders while the world is doing sit-ups with me
Back against the wall, nigga, I stands up
Pop off 'til the guns jam up like, and what?
Man up, nowadays, it's doe or die
Mobb Deep said it best, only the strong survive
We pour liquor to the curb for those that lost they lives
In ya memory, trust me, we all gon' ride
And for my dogs locked up, I'm hearing you pop up
Tell 'em fake fucks, we pulling they plug, they times up
Keep ya shines tucked, the wolves is out, the nines is up
Give up everything before ya spine get touched
The grind is us, mothafucka, the time is us
Flamethrower ya Range Rover, bottom line is us
Yeah, uh, bottom line is us
Cocksucker, mothafucka, bottom line is us