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Artist: Shaquille O'Neal f/ Black Thought, Common, Joi
Album:  Presents His Superfriends Vol. 1
Song:   In the Sun
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I spit feelings that soar over brick buildings
And get children and families to live better
Live whether rain or shine
Picture Com' free, is my frame of mind
My day combines from comedic to the gate of mines
Tastin my favorite wine, tryna stay divine
Realness around my neck, is my way to shine
I ain't made for time or age
My mind's a page that few can read
Made for you to breathe through the seeds I plant
Tear down Babylon, rebel missions
The hustler traditions carry on since Avalon parked dames
I battle long to spark days
Being the son that I am, got gramps offered ham for lint
She gave me the scriptures, told me to understand it
It's bug from my own planet I can see the sun
Waitin for the savior while I wait for me to come
I'm comin in the...

[Chorus: Joi] - 2X
Rain, rain, go away
I need ya sometime but not today
I wanna live, play, run, in the suuuuun!

[Black Thought]
The language is mine, I take advantage of that
I'm like the ghetto thug B-Boys, Brittanica black
I gotta style that man-handle the track
Thought, Common, and Shaq, ya couldn't hold the animal back
Me, I been all emcee since like '73
In South Philly with the 'fridgerator empty
I know the feeling of the whole world against me
I know the feeling of the game tryna pimp me, for real
It never break me, or make me move the thing off safety
while I maintain control
Rather process the info than swallow it whole
You never bothered breakin the mold, you out in the cold
Trustin in a fake nigga cuz he act and joke
Stead of dealin with the ac-tual
Yo, too many hard times, detour signs, and tears
And the police stay livin in constant fear
Another gunfight, where? In the sunlight

[Chorus: Joi] - 2X

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine
Now I reign supreme, sunshine hit the bling
Life; seen some of the strangest things
Fake niggaz and women, they tryna hit me for my cream
I touch a soul with this vision
I love to go back and re-live it cuz it seems so vivid
Before the money, and the fame, and the stardom
Before you schemed on Diesel, like what it cost em
Original, never ask where the style's from
And what about the haterz, that doubted the album
You didn't think B.I.G. could do it again
I'm top fifty with a ring, see I do it to win... (Heheh)
Now my name back on the streets
Name back in the jeeps
Can't tame my platinum speech
Ain't nuttin like being young and content
I'm comfortable with life, never worry where them chips is spent
Stop askin me about Kob'!
Y'all heard me say Twiz before, you seen the way I clutch the globe
Yo y'all niggaz ain't forget; the world is mine
I'm from the New Jeru's Brick City - and that's my sunshine

[Chorus: Joi] - 2X