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Artist: Shaquille O'Neal f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album:  Shaq Crack and Pun 12"
Song:   Shaq Crack and Pun (The Bigger We Are)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, uh
It's South Bronx up in this beast, yeah
Joey Crack, Big Shaq
Big dawg Punisher in the house

Chorus: Big Punisher
The bigger we are, the harder we hit
Shaq, Crack and Punisher
Lyrically fit, for this type of shit
Bunch us in the corner, and we're coming out, fightin'
What you writin' ain't important not as spite as full extorsion

[Verse 1: Big Punisher]
While you rhymin' like you killin' niggas, you ain't never
Feel a trigger, screaming at you real, but y'all still beginners
I make examples out you ample rappers, smack you
Make you trample backwards, catch you fallin' flat, then strap you back in Pampers
That's a sample just to let you know
Test me and invest in soul
Especially on some flesh meat members left on skulls
Those opposin', holdin' grudges will be holdin' crutches
Motherfuckers blastin' me, that's blashemy, I'm all to roughage
Who's the toughest, is rough as they come, I snuff 'em
Any one of you bluffin', my name ain't Punisher for nothin'
Keep puffin' and puffin', I'll blow your face in (Face in)
One of you facin' my ace in the hole, lyrical assassin be Triple Seis-in'
Chasin' popo out of Porter Town, loco til I park the crown
In my coffin, tossed in to the lost and found
Clownin' deep beneath, the weather in my leather tie
Six feet forever half asleep, Bronx niggas never die

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
All hail the Terror Squadian
You need your guardian, I rocks the party
In a slam cruise
Makin' moves like Penny Hardd-ian (Yeah)
Cardigan sweaters and better (What)
Strictly Dom P's and Cristi's, splurgin' G's as if they grow on trees
Big toys for big boys, suburban Stallan cruisers
Gettin' lucci like them surgeons in Cali sellin'
Juras got sharpshooters
From ball courts to criminal courts
Get my point across with ill subliminal thoughts
I ain't the Crack that smoke, Shaq'll leave the backwood broke
Everything's everything
Different strokes for different folks
'96's is kind of social, it's divin' atrocious
Play in Miami, Benny Hunter in my candy red
Just the rosa
I'm supposed to be the man in charge
Niggas be like (???), Keith, Pun, Armaggedon
Terror Squad
From '96, I got new plans
Die hard dick fans, but Shaq'll always be my man

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Shaquille O'Neal]
My caliber's incredible, Shaq is irregular
Huntin' down your sector-er
Movin' like the predator
Camoflaugin', check the ruh, rhyme wreck-terror
Front line connect the ra-drastic measurer
Round one, rep a niger-er
In the spinderer
In my crib, I create, send your ass up state
A remarkable remake, you remind, I'll retake
I was born as great, you re-enact your fate, fool
Niggas in the bourrough 'bout to activate
Expeditiously Shaq will get loose on breaks
Twenty-four hours, seven days a week
My God
Tell me what y'all know about me
I blow up your block like a M-80
Or blockbuster, whether or not, my style's butter
Niggas talk, shit, damn, y'all can't fade me
You the past, bruh
Gone like the eigthies