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Artist: Shawty Lo
Album:  Units in the City
Song:   Easily I Approach
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm the man 'round here, capiche?
Brown paper bag, ol' dope boy money
Ol' dope boy money

I'm the man 'round here, capiche?
Small face hundred, ninety-fo' money
Brown paper bag, ol' dope boy money
Ol' dope boy money

[Shawty Lo]
Easily I approach
The microphone, yeah the kid's no joke
Tell your hoe to get off of my dick
Hypnotized by this shit that I spit
Yeahh, slow flow new flavor in your ear
I used to swear man talk was cheap
Now I'm gettin twenty thousand fee
DAAAAMN~! 20 thousand to speak?
Seventeen-five if you want a ki'
Get a 10-pack, 17 apiece
I'm the man 'round here, capiche?
Call me Big Bird like Sesame Street

[Chorus] - 2X

[Shawty Lo]
Shawty what'chu doin? Ain't doin nuttin
Cookin up a chicken cause the rent due, money
Fifty-five hundred, they ain't know money
Magic City money, still blowin money
Body Tap Wednesday, still throwin money
"Units in the City" I done sold another hundred
Small faced hundreds, ninety-four money
Brown paper bag, ol; dope boy money
Man I'm a stunna, nigga youse a fronter
Nigga youse a bitch and you get it from your momma
Real brick runner, nigga on the corner
On my grandmama, got more chickens than a farmer

[Chorus] - 2X

[Shawty Lo]
Early in the mornin, slippers and pajamas
Got 'em get 'em ready cause them country boys is comin
And I don't believe in karma, I believe in numbers
Add mo' zeroes, I need more commas
Back in Tijuana, mighty close to water
Can get 'em from the border, break 'em down in Georgia
Seventeen-five, make 'em where you can afford 'em
Where yo' peoples at? Tell 'em go on and place they order

[Chorus] - 2X