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Artist: Sheek Louch f/ Fat Joe, Styles P
Album:  Silverback Gorilla
Song:   Rubber Grip
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

J {*3X*}
J {*4X*} J-J-J-J. Cardim!

"Tryin to get my hands on a Mac with the rubber grip" {*3X*}
"Tryin to get my" {*3X*} "Mac with the rubber grip"

[Sheek Louch]
Uhh, rubber grip (rubber grip) where are you? (Where are you?)
I'm lookin for you (lookin for you) can I borrow you? (Can I borrow you?)
Lost mine, had to dump it out, in a nigga's spine
Fuck it though (fuck it though) nigga shouldn'ta crossed the fuckin line
Geah~! Pay attention my nigga, ain't no switchin my nigga
This is school but out here ain't no detention my nigga
(No doubt) I'm about the whips, fuck with the Bloods and Crips
In the hood with them gorillas and banana clips (whaddup?)
They don't like that I'm real, they say I make 'em sick
Cause they don't see me no more, after I give 'em dick
The price is right, the hood is quiet
Go 'head and flip, if I run to the car I'm just, I'm just...

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Fat Joe - over Chorus]
WOOO~! Yeah Sheek
It's your nigga I got things for that rubber grip
That BX, that TX burn nigga, it's Crack!
Yes, on the rubber tip
N.Y. City
It's what I does

[Fat Joe]
Coca! Yes niggaz, I love my rubber grip
Fingers itchin and I'm lookin for someone to hit
Aww man, this is it huh?
Niggaz been gettin shot before Scott LaRock
Every block party ended in a shootout
Midst of it all I was first to bring them tools out
Had the shotty in the Benetton bag
Deuce deuce in my sneaker make you do the running man
This is my fascination, no exaggeration
Just ask Bush, that cat'll blast the nation
God damn I love my rubber grip
I jerk off of this shit, I guess I'm fuckin sick

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Styles P]
I'm heartless, like I'm motherless
Mac with the rubber grip, I be on some other shit
Beefin with, niggaz in the hood, and the government
Load it up, squeeze it off, nigga I be lovin it
I be doin shit, for the fuck of it
Blame it on money cause, I ain't got enough of it
Money over hoes nigga, never ever cuff a bitch
My hood they gon' laugh at you, say you on some sucker shit
Got a lot of weight to move, lookin for a trucker quick
Mean as Don Dada, ain't nobody on no tougher shit (nobody)
Yeah I keep the Mac, with the rubber grip
Knife, with the rubber grip
I'm in the basement, makin the pipe, with the rubber grip

[Chorus] - repeat 2X