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Artist: Shy Glizzy f/ Plies
Album:  Law 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Free the Gang
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You see the thing about these niggas
Yelling, real nigga this and real nigga that
Most of these fuck niggas don't know the definition
Of a real motherfuckin' nigga doe
See I gots to give it up to these young niggas
That's taking penitentiary nigga
'Niggas in the same outfit for 3 days on the block
Trying to get that set, nigga

[Chorus x2]
You threw your life away
Threw your life away
Just yesterday when you threw your life away
They took your life away, took your life away
Man I hope, I pray, the streets won't take my life away

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy]
Screaming "Free tha Gang"
But y'all don't feel my pain
Fuck your bling-bling, they got all my boys in chains
Every single one of them'
Done bust a nigga brains, Nigga
Bang Bang, We the fucking murder team
Who wouldve thought it all started with
Some throwback topics, We had some BB
Guns we ain't never used to wrestle, Y'all
Niggas is rap dudes, We know that is not you
We not gon' attack you someone just gon clap you
I don't fuck with no one else, I'm from
37 street, Out here thuggin' by myself
Don't nobody mess with me, We at
Different pedigree, You can't get the recipe
I am living so fast you can't even get next to me

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Plies]
Niggas ask me erry' day, nigga
When I'm gon leave da streets alone?
Told them niggas never nigga
I'm tryin to bring C-Murder home
Three of my closest partners gone
Added all their time up
122 years think my niggas been lied to or somethin'
I used to fear da feds, nigga
No, not no fucking more
Cause they da ones who roping niggas
'You pussy niggas, who telling tho
Same nigga that is poppin' bottles
Same nigga that is riding fo' 'em
Same nigga that playin real
Be da same nigga that's tellin on ya
Salute to the niggas who didn't tell
All the niggas worldwide
Never respected a fuck nigga
Da ones who snitched to cut they time
'Leave me and my niggas alone
Let the real niggas ball
You want to tell somethin'
Tell the world that you a fuck nigga dawg

[Chorus x2]

Where are the damn clothes?
I go away one second
They say the streets ain't got no paper
I see it now

Man I play on the streets, don't take my life away
Man I hope, I pray this bitch won't take my life away