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Artist: Shy Glizzy
Album:  Ain't No Way Around It (S)
Song:   Ain't No Way Around It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fire! Glizzy gang gang

Look here muthafucker
Sorry Ray Charles
I never gave ah fuck so why my dick hard
No gatorade break I'mma ball till I fall
He so fucking ill dawg give that boy a Tylenol
Bad chocolate ho, I just call her tootsie roll
We on every corner in my hood like a liquor store
Niggas talk that street shit, I 'ont know if they faking doe
Naa I ain't hating doe, I'm going in pussy hole
This youngin 100 y'all 99, Warren Sapp
Tony Montana, Glizzy Gang we on crack, we on crack, we on crack
Yeah I said we on crack
Ever since I had flow I cut these niggas no slack
Glizzy bitch and that stand for Glock
First hunnit thousand I might just shop
Buy a couple louie's and a big stone watch
Half of my life I was out sellin rocks
I swear to god I hate the cops. Did donuts when a nigga got popped
now they wanna keep on riding thru the block
And dis nigga here since 2Pac
I be up all night like a vampire
Jim carry rap nigga, fuckin liar liar
I stay flyer and I stay higher. I let your girl suck me up call it pacifier
Glizzy don't drink but Glizzy like to smoke
and shit so fucked up I'm robbing niggas that I know
I usta sell o's, I usta steal clothes
I swear by any means I'mma get this dough
This young nigga, you niggas scared to die
BOW! Uh homicide, put em on CSI
The last time I cried is when day day died
My enemies can run but they can not hide
I'm so fucking fly, I fuck this bitch the other night
We kissed and said goodbye, she told me have a safe flight
I dropped out of school to sell hard white but I got GED in jail, I'mma be alright
Okay I'm in my groove, I think I'm so cool
I be fuckig bitches, Mo Better Blues
If music don't work than watchu going do? I'mma buy a six deuce and trap like a fool
I be with real G's, AK's and 30's
Boy you ain't no G, your name just Gary
Fear no man I could never be scary
I'm the Sergeant. Glizzy Gang the fucking military
I'm done with all the bullshit, I'm all about this paper
Screaming fuck the Feds, they got my animals in cages
Black and silver ruger and it tackle like a raider
I can fix my own plate, who waits on a waiter
Momma going be proud, my hood is too
I'mma remodel street and buy my whole clique coupes
Buy myself a big body call it bruce bruce
Man I can't wait to see my dreams come true
Yeah I gotta bitch, but she boutta make me single
All she wanna do is argue lets its her lingo
New bitch so wet, I get lost like nemo
Dollar bills on top of dollar bills like Pringles
Niggas say they real but baby I 'ont know dawg
Look like to me, he just another Rick Ross
These niggas don't menaces, Loc Dawg
Nigga what you say about my momma, O Dawg
Shout out to the Yo, that's my mufuckin set
Shout out to the robbers and the ski mask on my chest
But what you pussy niggas do without the internet
Streets Hottest Youngin'
Motherfucker I'm the best

Ffff Fire!