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Artist: Shy Glizzy
Album:  Cashin' Out (S)
Song:   Cashin' Out
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm Cashin' Out
I'm Cashin' Out
I'm Cashin' Out
I'm Cashin' Out
36 Ounces
So I'm Ridin Round Like I'm Nino (Awww)
Rockin Cremo With my nigga B-Rite From Primo (Primo)
Glizzy Gang the mob we part of the Gambino (Gambino)
I'm out Miami calling shots like Dan Marino (Dan Marino)
Why you ball so hard
Glizzy why you ball so hard (Swoosh)
The way the people worship me
You would've thought Glizzy was God
Diesel on my legs (My Legs)
I got Cremo on my body (My Body)
I'm trynna get that ghost
So that mean Cremo what I'm riding (Skrrrt)
I got amigos at Chipotle
They hook me up with them rice bowls (Awww)
We meet up on they off days
They hook me up with them white O's (Awww)
I don't fuck with slight hoes
Slight hoes wanna fuck me
I take them too the Doubletree
And kick them out like Rugby (Like Rugby)
I whip the work and measure it (Awww)
My homeboys, they selling it (Awww)
Shoutout my nigga KG
They gettin' it off, Conneticut (Awww)
Got a bitch from Argentina (Argentina)
I think her name Sabrina (Sabrina)
She say she a singer
She remind me of Selena (Selena)
I met her at the cleaners
She pulled up in that Beamer (That Beamer)
Baby mama type, I'm bouta make her ballerina (ballerina)
I'm from 37th (37th)
That's all the fuck I'm repping (Reppin')
I came up bumping Hot Boys and No Limits (Awww)
With drama as rappers
All the fuck they doing is resting (Resting)
I'm the type to go broke
And go rob 7-11 damn
I paid 31 for that brick boy I'm cashing out, Damn
I got 31 in my chip boy, I'm spasing out (Bew bew Bew Bew)
Your friend just came and got his dick you bragging bout (Awww)
Now you that stupid ho we right here laughing out (Ahahaaa)
I'm Cashin' Out
I'm Cashin' Out
I'm Cashin' Out
I'm Cashin' Out (Awww)