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Artist: Shy Glizzy
Album:  No Lie (S)
Song:   No Lie
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo yo
Two cups in my hand
One time for my fans
The beat playing my Mac
Given me a lap dance
I got Pun up in here with me
Loso in here with me
My gun up in here with me
Someone close might try too hit me
Go to the movies in my Buick
Regal on regal
A crack head do my tattoos
That's needles on needles
Local rappers hate me
Police keep trynna chase me
I Gotta you safety
Groupies trynna have my babies
I'm headed too the top
I come from the bottom
My bitch Cameron cousin
I might got a son in Harlem
Craps game in the studio
They tellin' me the rights
My engineer shootin'
I'm just betting on its sight
Gotta bad Korean bitch
She look blind when she high
I Kung-Fu in her pussy
She got bomb fried rice
Both of my guns got thirties
I'm toating twin towers
I've been drinking so much dirty
I might need to take a shower
My pocket full of Bennies
Me and my nigga Benny
He the fat nigga with that bag
He might come down your chimney
They predicted dead or jail
But I'm still here today
6 plus 6 equals 12
Nigga law is on the way