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Artist: Shy Glizzy
Album:  Same Damn Time (S)
Song:   Same Damn Time Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I pop mollies, I drink lean at the same damn time
Ain't no telling what I'mma bring, I ain't got no damn mind
Free my nigga NOLO, they try ta give em that time
Bought my bitch some red bottoms, but she couldnít fit a 9
10 bitch niggas diss me at the same damn time
I want a front row at my show so kiss my fucking be-hind
I'm the streets hottest youngin, Oh My Fucking God I'm frying
I talk this life because I live, niggas say shit cause it rhyme
My flow is so ugly, these fake rappers canít fuck wit me
I'm playin the piano, these fake trappers ain't touching me
Turk be home next month, I can't wait ta stunt
My nigga got 3 kids, and all 3 of em 1
S/o my nigga Quette, s/o my nigga Plies
Coulda said some other names but they might be in disguise
Up in Cafť Asia, standing onna couches
Blowing ah couples ounces, taking broke niggas spouses
Popping Rose, wit them niggas up in Rose
I be wit baby everyday, yea thatís my fucking brozayy
I'm riding wit Wale, I gotta max payne nine
We walked in stadium they said its make it rain time
Met a bitch named Katrina, she do cocaine lines
She told me she from New Orleans, its going hurricane now
Look at my twitter I just hit the 10,000 club
I'm 19 wit 20stacks, thatís a thousand dubs
I'm super duper clean, like I just got out the club
I still smell like weed, like I had kush in my dove
Bitch I'm in the game, just like EA
Them niggas smoking bush, call em Macy Gray
I get so much cake, I donít know when my birthday
I do know I'm the shit and nigga law is on the way, yeah law is on the way