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Artist: Shy Glizzy
Album:  Stoner (S)
Song:   Stoner Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Young Jefe
I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner
Shout out to my nigga Thug

I just spent bout 30 on my wrist, nigga bust
I might spend another 15, and get a bus
You walkin' round with 30 that you know you ain't gon bust
My shooter 15, and he gon' bust if I say bust (bust bust)
I'm the only one that was gon' feed you niggas, (yeah)
You cross me more than once, I can't believe you niggas (I can't believe you niggas)
Tweeting me and stuff, like I don't see you niggas (I don't see you niggas)
Watching me [?], I should beat on niggas
And I just popped a 30, (a 30), you niggas know I keep that 30 (that 30)
I see no one get money, all my vision kinda blurry (ohh)
I gotta mil, and Imma have 'least 30 when I'm 30 (boo)
These niggas so scary, (oh) flew to panamara get some birdies, I left
My bitch, and came right back, ohh she got that Tahiry (Tahiry)
Too legit to quit like MC Hammer, you a bammerr get my niggas out the slammer
Tired of drinking lean and phatomn that [?], nigga fuck
My homie said don't step on his chucks, he not crip, he not blood
His name chuck and he gon bust, young rich nigga, (ahh) I am DC's King Tut
Not gon Tweet, not gon fuss, have Lil D-rock shoot him up, this that
Beast, dope beat, I ball like Ginóbili, (swish), why yall tired of me
Talkin' 'bout fuckin' this rollee, I swear martins all I eat
Used to be on morton streett, shout out to them OG's its the [?]
Straight facts, Young Jefe be in the the trap, (Young Jefe)
He was just sneak-dissin', now you won't give me dap, (won't give me dap)
My mama said she don't like how I act, (like how I act) she said
You too mean, you need to stop drinking ac, (no,no)
They took my whole damn crew, I'm stressing badly, (ohh)
Flu just brung that good shit back from Cali, selling dope
Smoking dope in my caddy, free lil bubassy, I get bills like bralley, (ohh)

Young Jefe Holmes!