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Artist: Shy Glizzy f/ Snipe Glizzy
Album:  You Don't Know Bout It (S)
Song:   You Don't Know Bout It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Snipe Glizzy]
Glizzy Gang
Bang Bang
Snipes, Shy

[Verse 1: Snipe Glizzy]
I'm in a different lane
Drippin' paint
Ridin' car packed
I'm burning rubber till the tires go flat
With the feds behind me
Can you top that
They locked me up for showing off
I had the top back
Tell your man we aim off or fall back
Before a nigga at his head like a ball cap
At his funeral squeezing till his skull crack
Mac 11s
Mac 12s
Mac 10s and all that
And we don't care about then niggas dressed in all black
Cause all ya'll whack
Keep talking get all yall cracked
Get on some mob shit and get all ya'll whacked
In that six by nine
It be too cold
Fuck a C-O
Get that weed rolled
A nigga playing
Lochness Glock and roll
Sticking too the G code
Nigga thats all I know

[Verse 2: Shy Glizzy]
How ya doin'
It's glizzy
My daddy run shit
No Diggy
Got home run money
Think a nigga play for the Phillies
Got a bitch in Magic City
Do anything for some fifties
It only took me fifty ones to get them ass and titties
Two bitches named Rendi
Both of them got good kidneys
Two double cups of that purple stuff
One Harpo and one silly
Just another boy in the hood
Like Tre, Doughboy, and Ricky
I ain't cool with none of you niggas
So why you wanna be cool with me
I'm somewhere up in Mars
I'm dancing with the stars
My swagger in another world
I might be avatar
Ballin' like Kobe
Money taller than Lamar
Before I go to hell
I'm trynna G a bitch with God
We'll fuck your bitch
I fuck my bitch at the same damn time
Both of their heads are the same
They got the same damn mind
Out here rappin'
Our here trappin'
At the same damn time
Call me San Francisco
I gotta forty and a nine
You can't represent my city
You ain't from here and you lying
Niggas know I got that work
Hell naw I ain't hiring
Out here 24 hours like I'm fucking Kobe Bryant
Glizzy Gang we the champs
We the mother fucking Giants
Got a white bitch named Cali
Her sister name is Sally
Their father rich as shit
I made that bitch by me some Ballys
Street hottest youngin'
Bring the heat like pep rallies
Hit the Devil with a shotty
Now I run illuminati
How you get the money Boo
Bitch I sell ye
I hope you don't forget the plug homes
That's what my amigos say
Ridin' round with my top down
And my shit all I play
This shit sound even better
When you got on Beats By Dre
Tell me what you know bout dis
Tell me what you know bout dat
Tell me what you know about running in the, spots for the racks
Gotta bitch from Iraq
She know how to bust a gat
I think she mixed with black
The way she throw that ass back
The year of the trap
Last year was a hype year
I'm bustin' and I'm sellin' coke buds
White year
I'm shining like the chandalier diamonds in my ears
I swear
The millions almost right here