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Artist: Shyheim f/ L.E.O., Stack Bundles
Album:  Enter the Bottom
Song:   Keep Banging
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Stack Bundles (L.E.O.)]
Squaaad up, yeah, them Riot Squad boys in the building (for ???)
Scrappy, you know I fucks wih you boy (alright)
I show hood love all the time, if I heard of you nigga, ha

[Chorus: L.E.O. (Stack Bundles)]
First things first, you niggas don't put in no work
Your name don't rang (Never heard of you, keep bangin)
You know that you non violent, now that you out the closet
Your name's what? (Never heard of you, keep bangin)
I hear you niggas talkin, I swear you talk a good one
What hood you from? (Never heard of you, keep bangin)
Ya'll niggas don't know what's street, ya'll niggas don't know what's beef
Who's ya OG? (Never heard of you, keep bangin)

[Stack Bundles]
Brick through the Porsche window, ain't that some shit (oh)
And I wasn't even pissed, I got a couple more whips (for real)
Gotta a line on em, my young'ns gave me their names and
I never heard of these niggas, tell em to keep bangin (hah)
When I'm in town, I'm soo whoo'n in my neighborhood (nine trey)
When I'm in Comp-town, I get it crackin in the neighborhood (Eazy!)
Whatever borough, city or state that I hang in (what)
Knowin what gorillas and killas are really bangin (chea)
My name always is heresay, but you never hear em say (um)
Anything that's even remotely moving (fo real)
Queens to Spring Bling, I'm supposed to be moving (fo real)
I'm bilingual, but the money still talks so fluid
You in baby drama crib, what the fuck is you doin? (broke niggas)
Nigga get your life together (fo real)
They told me you pickin up, the fuck you supposed to be slangin? (oh)
Told ya I never heard of you niggas so keep bangin


Yeah you lyin fam, I read niggas like diagrams
Honest man, I see through you niggas like sonograms
Pay homage or pray homage or take days to find em
When I put his days behind him
Don't take brain to define him, nor a thang to harm him
With a lil ??? to charm him and a lil pain to calm him
Fuckin with my dealer while ya'll niggas on different shit
How you beffin with a nigga thats killin shit and squeelin shit
Niggas pussy like lips and clitoris
Pussy whole, my flow sick like syphillis
Rediculous, niggas ain't funny, they ticklish
Like a wet throat, gulping that licorice
Real niggas fight turtles with two bangers
Thats your word, never heard of you, keep bangin
I'm danger like little kids with strangers
My anger had me strangle a nigga with a hanger


[Outro: L.E.O]
???, you niggas know what's goin down, Stack what up?
You have a bunch of niggas in the hood
'He's talkin bout this one, no no, he's talkin bout this one'
But dig this, if you listen, and you get offended
Then we got your attention, ya dig?