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Artist: Shyheim f/ Pop Da Brown Hornet
Album:  Enter the Bottom
Song:   Love Ya'll, Miss Ya'll
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Pop Da Brown Hornet]
Aiyo, I often tell myself I'm blessed to be alive
Every other day it's like someone else dies
What's your purpose for existence, to encourage the bullshit
Would it really make a difference
Time's ticking, and you still ain't move
It's like you got on steel pants and cement shoes
Man, life is short, we need to all get along
Cuz you here today, and tomorrow you gone
Yo, at times I just look up at the sky, watching birds flying high
Sweating, fighting the sun from out my eye
Stuck on memories on brothers passed
How it real and the Sacks, we would just smoke and laugh
He used to tell me, Pop, hurry up and blow
I don't fuck with parties, but I support you at your show
Then he spit some shit that I wrote from years prior
Like, you should put that out Brown, that shit is still fire
Dutch Dimes, wrote beside me his rhymes
I sit and listen, even when he forget his lines
He start laughing, then take it back to the top
Came with some fast lick shit, then go back to the block
I miss Hustleman, Pooh, Little Bro, with all the wit
Like Fantasy Island, it was nothing he couldn't get
Miss Slim and the stories, Kawana just laugh
Rasheen playing c-lo, taking all of his cash
I miss Sundew and Stack, some shit is unbelievable
I'm still waiting for John Chase to come back
Little Keyo, Kee-Kee, Keisha and Slane
It's like every 6 months I'm pouring out another drink
Tony Omen, Tony Reagan, come on, to the beat
Can't believe everybody's falling six feet deep
A leader in Tommy Dale, Mister E, Miss James
I miss Grams and his bugged out dance
Baby Nicks, aka DMX
Ronald Wilson on Death Row, my projects under stress
Everybody's effected by the decision, one sentenced death
While, other's grow up in prison
Even the free, feel like, we the victims
Constant patdowns when on Stapleton grounds
Fifty some odd years since the last injection
And the Stapleton man is death row's resurrection

[Chorus: Pop Da Brown Hornet]
At times, I wish I could just fly away
Let the wind blow me to where no one know me
A whole nother galaxy, just start a new
Where the water and the sky are blue

[Pop Da Brown Hornet]
My lyrics, are powerful and potent
Brown Bomber more than just fucking and smoking
A giant amongst men, deadly with a pad and a pen
Knowing all good things come to an end
So I, live life to the fullest, knowing one day
I'll be a memory, and how will they remember me?
He was this, he was that, he was nice, he was wack
Some scream, how the selfish ones know I gave back
See, life is what you make it, either bad or great
A journey through hell or a piece of cake
So my suggestion to you, is come get yourself a slice
Cuz, hell is hot, where nobody got ice
Earth starting to resemble hell, global warming
Ice melting, constant wars
Deseases with no cure, son turn killer, daughter turn whore
Millionaires ignoring the poor