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Artist: Simplé E
Album:  Colouz Uv Sound / Sugar Hill OST
Song:   Play My Funk
Typed by: (with help from liner notes)

Now everybody wanna play my funk
Now everybody wanna play my funk
Now everybody wanna play my funk
Now everybody knows me

I was walkin on the railroad
I sat my booty on the track
I saw this kid with the Gap sack
So I snatched my booty back
I said looka here, partner
You know you can't be me
I be the one, it ain't two now
And you know it's true

Now move on
I got the fellas jealous cause I flows like none
I got the whole nine, need not pack a gun
No need for greed, see I takes then I feeds 
To the young, sprung on the air that I breathe
You can't concieve how I braids and I weaves
Hear you over there, may appear
Some fear for the smear
We're gonna have in abundance
I write, see I write, see I write
Did you know that


Now I'ma fuck around and make a b-boy mad in a minute
Shit, I'm so nice niggas think I'm freakin senate
Status - I rank top-notch, come on now
I've seen less mess in my restroom
Plop on up and fetch a fierce self-check
I digs how my voice takes muthafuckas over
Trick, back it up 'fore I buck, buck another
Pass me the present cause the future can't hold my soul
I pump fear in the mere mortal, beast control
I blast, punk, that ass fast
Feel the funk, savor 'fore you face defeat
My backbone of stone totes treats to beats
Now come on
Adapt to my taps, I'm two snaps
I'm too through, ooh, I'm too through
I kicks butt, strut as I gluts for fame
And goes 'can't nobody hold me'


I'm the abyss, ready to determine your lifeline
You falls too short, so I be tall in your acetone
Death died so I'm here to stake my claim
Bang-bang, boogie-boogie, my style's a gang
Give it up, I funk it up, chick, I spits hits
Look back, you ain't stacked, get to face this
Who's bad? My notespad are flamin folks
Fire, on fire, koombaya, beaucoup funk
Now pump that in your tire, like that
Terry, bring it back, bring it back like that
My Wranglers in need of a washin
Got no time to shoot the shit in no fashion
Pardon my French, I'll kick your ass - me no favor
Be that behind, I be the vain soothe sayer
Step up, bow to my spunk
Mama moves, I grooves, your lefts be my rights and...