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Artist: Sister Souljah f/ Ice Cube
Album:  360 Degress of Power
Song:   Killing Me Softly; Deadly Code of Silence
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"The First Amendment specifies specifically that Congress shall not-"
  "C'mon, nigga! What they hell you talkin 'bout?"
"That means you can say whatever THE FUCK YOU WANT!!!"

[Sister Souljah]
George Bush is a terrorist
He create terror in the minds, hearts and neighborhoods of black people
White teachers'll never teach black children how to survive in America
Because black kids gotta compete against white kids
And white people want their kids to win

[woman talks over Souljah's speech]
Oh my, it's that woman again, Sister Souljah
Oh God, she just doesn't shut up
She's always complaining, complaining, and complaining
And she doesn't shut up, I wish she would just shut up!

[Ice Cube]
Sister Souljah hold your fuckin ground like I told ya
Cause dem crackers dem try to run ya over
Sittin in front of my house in a Nova
On your walkie-talkie, why do you stalk me?
Cause a jungle bunny's got money, that's not funny to the feds
Cut my curl and I might grow dreads 
Taking heads, devil, step in the pulpit
Cause non-violence, that's a bunch of bullshit
In '92, Ice Cube come a little bit black-a 
BUCK! BUCK! BUCK! BUCK! BUCK! down the crack-a
See ya driving in your Cadillac-a 
through South Central and I just might jack ya

[Sister Souljah]
Yeah, that's right Cube, stand strong, brotha
Don't change, cause we gotta, we gotta look out for each other
Watch that back, because you know they comin after us
But we keep 'em runnin

[Chorus: Sister Souljah]
I DON'T CARE what you say or think
cause Sister Souljah got a right to speak!
I don't care how you feel or what
cause Sister Souljah don't give a fuck!
If MY world's black and yours is white
How the hell could we think alike?!
I got big brown eyes so I can see
And my mind don't play tricks on me!

[Ice Cube]
Cause you teach, freedom of speech 
As long as black men don't say Howard Beach
Rodney King or Bensonhurst
Tawanna and Latasha, we ain't forgot ya
Don't say Jew or Korean 
It's acting like a bad human being
They'll try to call you a demon
Don't know what the fuck Ice Cube is seein
Get off my dick, I might spray you with the semen
Me know the answer: come, come down Black Panther
To the youth, an eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth, a gun for a gun
A knife for a knife, and a life for a life, check it!

[Sister Souljah]
AMERICA is always trying to strangle and silence black people
America is the most VIOLENT country on the face of the earth
But they are ALWAYS tryin to stuff non-violence down the throats of African people
Why America was violent in Kuwait, violent in Grenada,
Violent in Nicaragua, violent in Angola, 
Violent in Vietnam, and violent in Korea?!
And America has been responsible for ALL forms of violent destruction 
of African people throughout the entire world
Why, in fact, America is even violent in AMERICA?!
...And as for my brother Cube
Some think he's RIGHT, and some think he's WRONG
But Sister Souljah, I like him, cause I like 'em strong!
Say what you want to say, you have the right!

[Ice Cube]
Sister Souljah, Ice Cube, comin fresh
You didn't EXPECT this one! Hahaha