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Artist: Skatterman & Snug Brim f/ Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne
Album:  Word on the Streets
Song:   Heartbreaker
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I know I told you I was on my way, baby I'm tryin
I didn't intend to hurt ya, lil mama quit cryin
Made promise after promise bout us spending more time
But now it's painfully obvious that I was just lyin
And you be made at me, tellin your friends that you ain't fuckin wit me
Truth hurts, and the truth is, you can't do nothin wit me
You make plans, and make dates, but I always break em
Your family's havin barbque's, and I can't ever make em
You buy me gifts every month, but I don't ever take em
Friends try to trail me through the club, but I always shake em
You say you hate my ghetto ways, cuz I'm from the streets
I got you cookin up a meal, that I don't come to eat
Now I'm talkin bout comin to rip your thong off
10 minutes later, you call me, I turn my phone off
My life's messy, plus you think I stick my dick in anything sexy
That's why my last bitch left me, I'm a...

(Chorus x2)  Krizz Kaliko {Skatterman}

(Heartbreaker {heartbreaker}
Bread maker {bread maker}
I'm a hustler from the street {I'm a hustler from the street baby}
Go Getta {go getta}
Gorilla {gorilla}
Go figga, that's the way that I'ma be

(Snug Brim)
Love you a superstar, You want the glamour life
You heard that time wit a rapper is something like Vegas lights
I could show you the world, take long expensive flights
Or give you diamonds and pearls, mami that's what ya like
Don't get attatched to me lady, baby I stick and move
Little romance when I'm stoned, but you can keep your dude
You know how playas do, BITCH save your attitude
Be satisfied wit twice a month, unless I'm mad at you
Patiently waitin on me, hopin that I'll hit the scene
You got my usual ready, a fifth of ???
???  tryin to win me over
But that will never happen, baby I'm a soldier
Money stay on my mind, that's word out on the streets
So don't be callin my phone, listen, ya stressin me
I might pull up in a minute, I got ya recipe
Make sure you heart is on your shoulder, tryin to get next to me

(Chorus x2)

(Tech N9ne)
DAMN, why do you gotta be actin like you don't know I'm a playa cuz baby I AM
I keep an abundance of bitches, I see em, sex em than I 
SLAM, pardon me MA'AM
I know you prolly want me to yourself, I'm an incredible MAN
Just cuz you GLAM, don't mean that you FAM
I'm poppin off, I get em they SCRAM
Holla back at me when you get your head right
Bein wit ya is a dead sight
Naggin and bitchin you missin dickin, cuz I'm fuckin hella bitches err night
Excusin me french, ?Miscuisy? bein wit Tecca Nina is a doosey
Cuz I'm a heartbreaker, baby heart taker, and you know I'm off in the jacuzzi
Got my dick in the mashed potatoes tonight
The bigger the play, the greater the fight
Missin the other bitches has got you stuck, and you plannin on goin to jack off later tonight
Go girl and play with your dildo, sittin by yourself baby real low
Cuz I'm kickin it, you can even eat from a great mistake ???
I was born this way, BITCH I'M SPECIAL
Maybe a character trait of the devil
I am the rock of Gilbrater, you bein soft, that makes you a pebble
So you can kick it and be wit me, get up a flee wit me, baby just be wit a boss
Just know that I ain't gonna be wit just one
I'm a son of a gun, if your trippin, your done, you lost