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Artist: Skeme
Album:  Alive & Living
Song:   Born to Ball
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Skeme]
I hear I changed I hear I lost all my humility
But humility ain't worth shit when you need 50 Gees
To bail your cousin out that cell you know this life is hell
So I'm back to acting an ass 'cause that's what I do well
Hope you don't got your hand out
Hope you grinding for self
Hope you don't think this world 'gone listen when you cry for help
Naw man, see this shit stiff as a shot of scotch
Like hide and seek it's coming for you, ready or not
Back when I was sixteen all I'd do was hustle to get off my block
Fuck being a have-not I promise man I need my knots
That.22 inside my socks 'cause it's shoot first or you get shot
Poppa say protect your neck, 'cause these niggas want what you got
So you know I'm sleeping
(One eye open)
And when I'm wide awake
(That same eye is over my shoulder)
'Cause I heard that most times the ones that
(Kill you 'gone be the closest)
So if I ain't know you 'fore we got poppin'
(Quit that bro shit)

(I know exactly what you thinking mama
He just another hood nigga
I'm screaming more money more problems
But still it's all good nigga)
We want it all
We want it all
We want it all
We, we, we, we, we
We want it all
We want it all
Dying to live, but we born to ball

[Verse 2: Skeme]
What's on your mind, what's on your mind?
You been on my mind and I want to chill
But I've been on my grind
Hate to see you crying but baby girl that's how this life thing work
All emotions aside I outride [?] my business first
And if I had a dime for every time I heard that patience is a virture
I'd buy more shit I don't need my hunger for what they feed [?]
Got some bad ones in my past
Hope they don't think I forget 'em
But I'm all about my bills
Grind stay Hillary Rodham
What's my problem?
I'm acting like I got nothing
But really I got it all
Can't never take nothing personal
There's no feelings involved
'Cause you know this ain't no job right?
Nigga this my life
That's why I think twice about all the shit that I write
Now my pen ignite and my soul take flight to set me free
Flow throwed off 'cause I miss Pimp C to keep it Gee
And this right here it might be the illest shit that I ever wrote
'Cause I put my problems in my carry-on then I let 'em go
Thought I let you know


[Spoken: Skeme]
Whatever your reality is, chase that, your own truth, you feel me?
I know I am. Pour some more of that shit up, bro
Think this one here over with, bro