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Artist: Skylar Grey f/ Angel Haze
Album:  Don't Look Down
Song:   Shit, Man!
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[Skylar Grey]
You're never ready for, somethin quite like this
It comes to hit you when you, are least expectin it
So now what happens if I choose
to have this child, have a child with you?
Do you believe that we can make it through?

[Chorus: Skylar Grey]
How we gonna do this thing? (this thing)
How we gonna do it? Shit, man
We don't even got no ring (no ring)
And we don't got the money; shit, man
We're gonna need a bigger house
We've got a lot to figure out
'Bout how we gonna do this thing (this thing)
How we gonna do this thing? (this thing)
This shit, man

[Skylar Grey]
Sometimes it still feels like, we're just a couple of kids
Afraid of growin up, yeah, afraid to say "This is it"
So now I don't know what I'll do
But I'm so in love, so in love with you
Can you believe this is happening so soon?


[Angel Haze]
Yo, uh-huh
This ain't what I expected, ain't happenin like I thought it
And if they say "love is free" then tell me why the fuck it's costin
And yes, it happens often and I should cope with my losses
And you say that you're not ready, I don't believe in abortions
My heart, light as a feather, I know things could get better
I know your vision's clouded, so much inclement weather
I know that faith is a string that's slowly comin untethered
But we can get through anything together


[Outro: Skylar Grey]
This shit, man
How we gonna do this thing? (this thing)
This shit, man (no ring)
This shit, man