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Artist: Slim Thug f/ Propain
Album:  Hogg Life Vol. 1: The Beginning
Song:   All I Kno
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Slim Thug]
We use to stand on that corner, banging that UGK
If you see some things, don't hesitate to send em my way
I got a pocket full of stones, diamonds against the wood
Stay riding dirty, when I was flipping through my hood
Back then me and my niggaz, we was selling that drank
We was sitting on gallons, fo' hundred a paint
Getting bank on Gulfbank, riding drop down the Ave.
Since I was a child, I had dream of riding slab
Wasn't thinking bout Bentleys, couldn't see that far
Shit even in my dreams, I couldn't see that car
They say you aim for the moon, you might land in the stars
Now look at me, I'm living in the land of the stars
Roadies and ottomons, mansions and penthouses
Went back bought my hood, and made em all my rent houses
Still serving and collecting, went from trapping to rapping
However it gotta get done, we gon' make it happen

I'm riding to the finish line
Out chea' grinding, till it's dinner time
Jump fresh up out the water nigga
Came from nothing, stood up on my own two wings got it jumping
Mayn it's all that I know, all that I know
All that I know, one thousand till I fall
Riding on these fuck niggaz, fuck em all man it's all that I know

Dreams of throwing fortiano's on a Rover truck
A thousand dollars like a million, when you broke as fuck
My generation wild, nigga ain't no hope for us
Just pills and liquor all in our system, that's the only escape till you sober up
But that paper, all I need
Hit em all steal and had shit from Aces, all in my jeans
And if that alarm sounded, my chain was all that they seen
Fuck twelve I know it's sad G, but if I went to school with that offprint
Them fuck boys, gon' be laughing at me
So now we fly, but that paper looking like moon and stars
Far away, went from polo shirts up to boosting cars
Chop shop, chop shop get our dollars up
So back then if you came outside, and your shit was missing it was prolly us
Then the tables turned falling off, no more sleeping I was out the month
And at the same I got a phone call, them bitch niggaz done shot my brother
Now the whole hood hot as fuck, got them ol' heads mad at us
Crash dummies bout to smash a wall, told my niggaz mayn this shit not enough
So reverse the verse, the same thousand ain't when you trying to get to millions
Propain made the bread, started from the bottom looking at the ceiling
Now all my niggaz grubbing with me, young legend in the fucking city
Seen it all back to the wall, top down yelling fuck em all when I'm