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Artist: Slim Thug f/ Chayse
Album:  Hogg Life Vol. 1: The Beginning
Song:   Nobody
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Chorus: Chayse]
You don't have to call nobody, I'm right here
And if they take you down I'm riding with you, I'm right here
Who gon' run it like you, nobody
Who gon' boss up like you, nobody
Keep it a hundred like you, nobody
Yeah, nobody baby

[Slim Thug]
Er'y boss, need a boss lady
Let's get together, live a boss life and have some babies
Ay, them haters use to say you crazy
Now they saying our life amazing, got em looking shady
Matching Mercedes, crib big as mine
Matching Cardier bracelets, like thanks for staying down
Trips out to Paris, kept you covered in karats
They just embarrassed, cause they man ain't got em looking this lavish
Well established, for a thug nigga
Millionaire, still dressing like a drug dealer when I club witcha
She know when it's time to get right, it ain't nothing for me to clean up nice
Tell your girls go on keep they advice, we good without it let us live our life hold up


[Slim Thug]
I know I wasn't her type, but I'm the type that'll change your life
You been down got stripes, put in work deserve all this ice
Them red bottoms you got em, Chanel purses and Birkin
My boss lady for certain, make enough for when I had you hurting
We get on getting better, finally getting our life together
Now we on new levels, matching Roley's bigger bezels
It's a incredible feeling, drop Rolls no ceiling
In London pound peeling, up in Harrah's no chilling
Feeling blessed, cause she don't bring me stress
She put a smile on my face, and that pussy is the best yes
Feeling blessed, cause she don't bring me stress
She keep a smile on my face, and her head game the best Thugga