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Artist: Slim Thug f/ Z-Ro
Album:  Hogg Life Vol. 1: The Beginning
Song:   Too Much
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Damn, Thugga fucked up
R&B Thugga

I been smoking too much, I been smoking too much
I been smoking too much, thinking bout you bitch
And I been drinking too much, I been drinking too much
I been drinking too much, thinking bout you bitch
I'm too playa, for this shit man

[Slim Thug]
Thugs never fall in love
We treat bitches like scrubs, when we leave the clubs
Smash, then we pass on to the next
No tricking no dollars, no checks
Just sex, and I'm gone out the do'
But baby girl here, won't let a nigga go
She treat me like a king, making it hard to leave
Give me everything I need, beating it till I can't breathe
I'm spending, too much time with you
All these home cooked meals, what you trying to do
I'm a playa, settling down for suckers
But I ain't gon' lie, you one bad motherfucker


What the fuck is this
I think she put voodoo on my dick
Cause I ain't been feeling the same
When I fuck my other hoes, it don't be feeling the same
They tell me it's still good, but ain't been feeling the same
So I'm still striking oil, but I ain't drilling the same
My dick is here, but my mind in another place
Can't get hard, unless I pretend this bitch got another face
Maybe it's the way, she gave me head
From 7:30 to 9 o'clock, she gave me head
Had my toes, looking like fingers
I'm a playa, but everyday I wanna bang her


[Slim Thug]
What part of the game is this
I fell in love with a stripper, hell yeah I miss her
Bad bitch that's fire, ain't too much she won't try
Or bring her friend, like I got a surprise
Living the life, keep a smile on my face
Ass so fat, with a small waist
One of the realest bitches ever
All about, getting that cheddar
It's whatever whenever, she gon' make it happen
All I had to do was say it, she gon' make it happen
Next thing I know, some bald playa propose
I hate it when these niggaz, get to saving my hoes


It was just really surprising
To see that many people, you know
Cause like I said, those were my people who I rolled with everyday
We did shows, they be in you know group up
And kinda box me out kinda, so you know