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Artist: Slow Pain f/ Chiko Dateh
Album:  The O.G.
Song:   Ain't Never Gonna Stop
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Chorus: Chiko Dateh
The game ain't never gonna stop
My hustle never gonna stop, no
We ain't gon' stop
No matter what you do (Ain't, never gonna stop)
We ain't never gon' stop
Cause we've got this on lock (This on lock)
We'll always stay on top
We never gonna stop (Never gonna stop)

[Slow Pain]
(Verse 1)
I used to hustle on the street
Put Nikes on my feet (Cortez)
Hustlin' on the street made my heart skip a beat (Damn)
Could be from a corner, slangin' dimes and dubs (What you mean)
Handcuffed to the hood
Stuck in the mud (I'm stuck)
I love my music
My money, and I love my hood
That's why I wish I hit the lotto
To make it good (Dear God)
I put grass in the park, it's where them little ones play
And put murals on the wall where them little thugs spray

Repeat Chorus

[Chiko Dateh]
"Oh yeah..."
"Ain't never gonna stop..."
"Ain't never gonna stop..."
"I can't stop it..."
"I can't stop it..."

(Verse 2)
Raza, if you feel me, you really down to ride (My people)
Wipe them tears from your eye, wave that snake and eagle high (Mexican flag)
Blood in, blood out
Homie, I'm bound by honor
I'm a G from the streets, it's just American Me (Damn)
I love them boulevard nights
Rollin' in my low-low
Slow Pain the cholo and the homie Danny Traylo
Lil' Rob, that's family
Homie made it to the top
I got your back, 1218, I'm right here with a glock (Right here)
What they achieve just sound strange, it's a family thang
Get at me for anything, I'm the Cali, the King (I got you)
Carlos Coy was still grindin'
Fightin' the fight
That's the homie SPM, I got your back for life (South Park)
It's do or die, fuck the system just to hold us back (Fuck 'em)
That's why they
Lock us up, and they never come back (Chale)
I'm a speak in the name of the game
Fuck the fortune and the fame
It's a Mexican thang
And I love it, what (I love it, mayne)

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Chiko Dateh
No we, won't stop
No we, won't stop
Even, after
I'm gone
We've got this on lock
Around the block
No matter what
You say, oh

(Verse 3)
Puttin' nets on them rims
In them schoolyards (My rims)
Bringin' back that old school respect to the boulevard (Old school)
I'm a O.G. and my daddy taught me right
About the rules of the game, son
Win the fight
Cross my tees, throw my pitch, show love to them G's (O.G.'s)
Never sport a white tee without a sick ass crease
Play them oldies all day
That's some real music (Real stuff)
Love Between A Boy And Girl and Eighteen With A Bullet (Yah I mean)
Got my finger on a trigger and I'm not afraid to pull it (Pull it)
Kill another man
God won't let me do it (Thank God)
Got respect on the streets
And this crazy game (Crazy streets)
When I see my raza die, I'm cryin' from the pain (Cryin')

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook

[Chiko Dateh]
"Ain't never gonna stop..."
"Ain't never gonna stop..."
"I can't stop it..."
"I can't stop it..."