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Artist: Slow Pain
Album:  The O.G. / Pocos Pero Locos: The Callbox (Compilation)
Song:   Best Day of My Life
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[Slow Pain]
Ha ha ha
They say one man can't change the world
But I'll never know
If I don't try

[Verse 1]
Thank you Lord, O Father
For another blessed day
The world is a ghetto
So to you, I pray
Hood times, the good times, they come and go
I live
Day to day
And I take life slow
I woke up this morning
Feeling kinda strange
How could the world get better?
The hood needs a change
Stop the violence, keep the voice, let's all get along
"Love And Happiness" by Al Green, that's my song
There's something wrong when we killing each other
Over some streets we don't own
A place we call home
Our children all alone
Growing up evil ways
Dropping out of school with no grades
Damn (Damn)
What's the future when we living in the past
There's no future in the past, you can't fix broken glass
I'm a soldier for my people
So I had to speak my mind
Thank you Lord, O Father
Same verse, second time

[Singer]    Just breezin', chillin', feelin' good
Nobody trippin' in my hood
[Slow Pain] Nobody trippin' in my hood
[Fingazz]   This is the best day of my life
[Singer]    Just breezin', chillin', feelin' good
Nobody trippin' in my hood
[Slow Pain] It's all good in the hood
[Fingazz]   This is the best day of my life

[Verse 2]
Today, I woke up, with every reason to live
My family, my friends, my lady and my kids (I love 'em)
My fans across the world, who love it like I do
Good lookin' out
Brown Love back to you (Brown Love)
It's a warry day
Struggling to breathe
I miss the good ones that's gone
Restin' in peace
Every soul, every hood
Every youngster up to no good
Put your
Heat away
Learn to live another day
I swear it's never too late
To be a better man
I can't get a job
I can't - yes, you can
The doctor said I only got
Three years to live
But I'm a fight til I gone
In the name of my kids
I'm a fight til I gone
For my people to rise
I'm a fight for twenty years
Til the doctor's surprised
To all my players that's ill
I know that it's real
Say a prayer when you down
It's better than pills
Come on

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge: Singer]
My spirit's inside
And I'm feeling alright
Just another broken day
The type we made it out of line
Not a
Cloud in the sky
The lady looks so nice
I won't let a day like this keep
Passing me by

[Verse 3]
Today, I seen an innocent man
Get released
Today in the world
No drama, just peace
Today, I seen my baby girl take her first steps
Another homey got saved and got blessed
I'm not a preacher
I'm speaking words from the heart
Don't get it twisted, I been down from the start
Slow Pain, little savage, love the Father and the Son
Today, I made a difference and I threw away my gun

[Repeat Chorus]

[Slow Pain (Fingazz)]
The best day of my life
I see it coming (This is the best day of my life)
This song is dedicated
To everyone on the streets (This is the best day of my life)

"Fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-Fingazz on the track..."