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Artist: Slow Pain
Album:  The O.G.
Song:   Born Again
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Chorus: D-Sharp
I'm not ready for the end
Lord, my life was just beginning
So I must be born again
I'm pushin' four (???)

[Slow Pain]
(Verse 1)
I woke up
To the surprise
To my little
Girl's eyes
Kodak pictures of my life
Flashin' in my mind
I'm not 5150
Man, I'm lucky to be alive
The strong only survive
Cause the strong
Do or die
Tell my mama
That I love her
More than words, can explain
Dear God, I'm still pushin'
Gotta make it
In the game
Graffiti on the walls
Let you know
Where you at
Street names
Of the gang
Say brown hood
Or black
Tell a story
Bout my life
Man, I gotta write a book
Sometimes, I can't believe it
So I can take a second look
In the mirror
Do I fear a
The man
That I see (I see)
I'm not a killer
Dope dealer
It's my soul
That I see (See)

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
How many cars do I have
How many rims do I spin
Hood dreams comin' true
Since I
Was a kid
Was I supposed to rap
To drive a Cadillac
Matter of fact, I'm s'pposed to rap
So I can give back like that

Bridge: D-Sharp
Time goes, and I know that
I must be born again
Born again
Time goes, and I know that
I must be born again
Born again

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
To the hood, that I love (That I love)
Young ones, that I touched
Roger said it best (Yep)
It's so rough, it's so tough
Keep your head, to the sky (Homie)
On a na-tural high (Homie)
You can hear the dogs barkin' (Whoof, whoof)
Helicopters in the sky (Rrrrah!)
Facing 25 to life
Livin' with the pain (Slow Pain)
Did the streets break my heart
Did the hood spilled my brain
Who I'm supposed to be
And who I used to be (Chale)
I'm the Father
I'm a Son
Today, my life begun, I'm done

[Slow Pain]
Dear Father, protect my family, friends and loved ones (All the homies doin' life)
Watch over everybody (Gotta make that change, gotta wake up)
My friends and my enemies (Killin' one another for somethin' you don't own)
Wanna make this happen (All them single baby mamas)
Tryin' to go in the right direction (Look to the sky)
The strong survive (Look to the sky)

Repeat Chorus

[Slow Pain]
Show me the light
One person at a time
Let me speak my mind (I'm not ready for the end)
Let me be a leader
Let me show them my life (Today, my life just begun)
Let me fight the fight
In the name of Father and the Son
I will make a difference (I will make a change)
I will make the change
And your Son Jesus named
Only the strong survive