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Artist: Slow V & Retrospect
Album:  Radio
Song:   Music Got Me
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Get ready for pleasing forget the teasing
Screaming, Screaming, fiend-ing for pleasing  Heavily breathing, sexual healing
Steaming, Heating, just like you dreaming
Set the mood with the message, musical erection
Syncopated rhythms into sexual sections
Several methods for love and affection
Inseparable connection, music got me, music got me
Uh huh music got me, music got me  {*3X*}

[Verse 1: Slow V]
At first, you were just another figure I played
Put you blast, when we clashed, had you coming in waves
Can't stop it, once I pop it, the car be rocking
Hot shit, open your cover just to see you topless
With your beautiful words you considered a profit
Though some use you for profit, I choose you ass like a an option
You the center of attention when me and my boys hanging
Close the windows and doors, they can still hear us banging
Rapping or singing leaves my eardrums ringing
Hustling or slinging your direction I'm aiming
Fuck crushing, I rather scratch you when I ride that ass up
Some hear you, they get gassed up, and act tuff
But when you round, I'm found next to the speakers tucked
Overwhelmed with just a whisper that you leaving me stuck
The sensation pulse got you filling me up
Overpowered got me showered overflowing my cup


[Verse 2: Retrospect]
We first met at the store
I knew as soon as you stepped through the door
Amor, we were destined for the sexual force
It's measured in measures of 4/4
Metaphors raw, we paused, until the pleasure is more, more hard core
Every track clap is like an ass-slap
Matter of fact, if you want to bad track
You ain't got to ask rap, every drum kick is like a love kiss
All of a sudden the rush hits mixed sound of the trumpets
Then my waves travel through you and immerse you in ecstasy
With heavenly set melodies, ready to sex heavenly
You hearing gets the best of me, we're beautifully meant to be
Now how you like the taste of my bass you set the pace
As soon as you turn me on, I'm serving you bars, getting in draws
Ears and jaws, I spread through it all
I'll even come trough the night like a real phantom
And start raising up the volume 'till you have an eargasm