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Artist: Slow V & Retrospect f, Dane
Album:  Radio
Song:   Need It
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O__oh, yeah

O, o__oh, yeah

[Verse 1: Retrospect]
Saturday 6:00 in the morning, yawning
Somebody my phone is calling
It's probably someone annoying, I'd best ignore it
Look at my Sony Ericson, wondering what the hell it is
Nothing but text messages, it was my girl Evelyn
Stressing about sexing and touching, breasts stretching and fucking
The best chick when she's sucking, so I'm like hell yeah
I'll be there, fuck it I'll speed there
I got in my van Buick, and I fucking ran through it
But I thought about it, why the sudden urge to splurge
In the past she was absurd, never gave me the word
Two hours later, she was talking about, she's got to go to work
So she kissed me goodbye and disbursed but she left her purse
She was a nurse, I went to the hospital it was weird
'Cause they told me she was never there
So I called her and someone picked up
I heard a background noise and it sounded like a dick suck
I really wasn't sure 'cause the call was kind of faded
And we were scheduled for lunch at 12:00 but she never made it
I called back at 2:22, and some motherfucker picked up
I'm like "who is this fool?" what the fuck?

[Chorus 2X: Dane]
Baby tell me what's your fantasy
Girl is you down to put it down with a "G" like me
'Cause the vibe I'm getting that you're sending
Is you really need it, need it, need it, need it

[Verse 2: Slow V]
Yo, Its like five in the morning, she got my hormones swarming
I'm trying to keep my composure, she trying to get me to swarm in
She knew I got to get going it was great, and I'm yearning to tap that ass but I'm gone
Even though she's scorching that's it, I left the house around 5:56
Told her I'd be hear at eight to lay that ass down straight
Came back in two hours, she was gone missing
Came back sweaty ass hell, like she was running from a distance
Not wasting no time, we started rubbing and touching
One thing led to another, before I knew we were sucking
Feeling good at the moment, until a phone was disrupting
Pick the phone up, a nigga answers, and so I hang up
Caught up in the moment didn't realize the name bra
She left before twelve in a rush, forgot her things what
She said she was running late for work back at the office
I offered her a ride she didn't even really bother
She left her phone flat, on the floor of the room
The same number calls back, its like 2:22
He sounded familiar, I knew I'd seen the number before
I couldn't guess it, so I asked "yo what you calling here for?" Huh?

[Verse 3: Retrospect, Slow V & Dane]

[Dialogue: Retrospect & Slow V]
Yo, what the fuck you mean what am I calling here for?

(R): Yo where the fuck is my girl, why you picking up her phone?
(S): Your girl, nigga please she left her cell in my home
(R): Wait, she was with you?
(S): Yea nigga and that chick just left, yo where's my bitch?
(R): Not with 'Spect I was with her at six
(S): Yo that's right before I bounced I guess she came to you
She left at twelve 'cause she said she had some things to do
(R): So if she wasn't with me, and she wasn't with you
(S): This chick bugging
(R): She played us like a couple of fools, damn

So I scooped her up
In my homeboy's truck at exactly 12:02
Took her to the rendezvous
And asked her what you want to do
She looked at me
With the look in her eyes
Like she was mesmerized
Ripped off her shirt and said surprise
Laid back and spread open her thighs
Before I knew it we were kissing and hugging
Rubbing and touching
Sucking and fucking never said the word "loving"
Then we were done, she told me she had fun
I said I had some, she said she had to run
Got out my truck and she was gone