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Artist: Slow V & Retrospect
Album:  Radio
Song:   Tag Team
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[Announcer: N.y.E]
Ladies and gentlemen
The attraction of the evening
The moment you've all been waiting for
The main event
The 2001, 2, 3, 4, 5, and soon to be 2006
Hip-Hop champions of the world
Slow V & Retrospect
Let's get ready to rumble!!

[Verse 1: Retrospect & Slow V]
[Retrospect] Yo, yea
I got 'em son
I got 'em
Yo, yo

Yo Slow, let me handle them, break eggs scramble 'em
Chop them like wave sampling this far more than battling
This is hard damaging lyrically arm savages
Bars like javelin leave you with scars bandages
Never mind advantages the crowd stands unanimous
Slow is too fast for this now how's that for antonyms
[Slow V] Perfecting my craft, I plot like a graph
Scatter motherfucker's slow like quarter notes in a pad
Who up next? It's me let me step in the set
I rise like muscles in stress when applying the flex
Aside it affects like a sketch with me in the flesh
I hit hard, even make the dead cough up a breath
I come heated like sex with sweat
[Retrospect] The spect is next dealing with threats
With explicit text I'll lift a nigga in the air
While Vick's holding his hair
Pause for a second and stare
Then slam his ass through a chair
We pile drive him and out rhymed him, he out whining
Because our style is hotter, than the south's climate
He's spitting to loose no money swimming in dues
So I'm a set him on the ropes and I'm a give him to you, yea

[Announcer: N.y.E]
Ladies & gentlemen
They just fucked that guy up
Holy shit I, I think they killed him
Look, he's on the floor, he's de-
That guy's dead, he fucking died
Holy shit, you just witnessed the first death
In hip-hop wrestling history
Slow V, get in the fucking ring.!

[Verse 2: Slow V & Retrospect]
[Slow V] Uh, yo check it
Yo, yo, yo

And you ain't it, and you ain't shit
Yo, this a big dog pound, that you can't lift
I come in a bitch, quicker than a stiff dick
Been known to rip shit, two emcees we too vicious
I throw sets at a nigga head, just like Rocky
Have him seeing more stars, than paparazzi
Go for the head, two to the side, one to the chest
And let Retro decide, which victim is next
[Retrospect] I think the nigga in the goatee's looking like cold meat
Yo we gotta get him done so it's time to expose heat
With dope speech nigga you know me
My flow seeks foes who oppose me
Slow leave them with no teeth
As your words crumble, I turn jungle
And jump from the top turnbuckle
To come down, like a burnt shuttle
He starts gushing, this motherfucker running
So I'm a let you come in
[Slow V] Ha
You I got him, Retro
Hand me the tag, I'll leave niggaz in casts
I'll leave a shade around they eye, and it won't be a bag
Drag him to the floor, and beat his ass to his core
Leave Nike prints embedded all the way to his pours
Have a nigga sport more lumps than speed bumps
Grab him by the throat and slam his ass like an all-star dunk
Even though we two niggaz ripping, we still the main ones
Son even made a sperm forget where he came from

[Announcer: N.y.E.]
I don't know, that was supposed to be the last, uh, fight
I, I don't see them leaving the ring
I, I think they're going to kill someone else
'Cause they just killed that last guy, Umm
Someone else is going into the ring, and I don't know why
I think he must want to die or something
Uh, people are leaving the stadium
It's gruesome out here, they're coming back for more!!

[Verse 3: Slow V & Retrospect]
[Slow V] Yo, yo, yo

(S) We leaving niggaz gushing
(R) With no discussion
Hardcore lyrics are busting
So what is cousin?
(S) We doing more than bucking
We leaving niggaz ducking
Thrusting, cutting 'till both of their ribs touching
(R) And it's impossible to beat us with a pin
We hazardous kin, you don't want to see us in the ring
(S) Ha, ha, I couldn't have said it better
(R)'Cause when we get together we clever and sever
(S) Even stopping sun like bad weather
(R) Battling y'all is a petty waist
'Cause just one take is an earthquake
When you're fucking with heavyweights
(S) We burry any estate
We slowly stopping your fate
We put a beating to a heathen
Like we're sporting a cape, yea


We double trouble, willing and able, ready for scuffles
Spit large, heavy with muscles
Jeury will crush you Slow V will snuff you
Hot facts ready to rumble, lines that'll punch you
Tag Team, so what you gon do

We squash beef motherfuckers get ready to scrap
We hot heat motherfuckers get ready to blast
Two niggaz ready to clash, in fact ending your wrath
It's tag team motherfuckers get ready to tag