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Artist: Swollen Members
Album:  Dagger Mouth
Song:   War Money
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, it's Dagger Mouth
Get your playing cards
Let's play some canasta

[Mad Child]
Yo, I got poison in my blood, poison in my veins
Poison in my heart, poison in my brain
Every love I had was poisonous so I'll say it again
I am insane, Mad Child poisoning my name
My friends are fuckin crazy cause my boys all feel the same
But I'm older feelin lazy cause the poison still remains
I guess I have to face the facts that I will never feel the same
But let the pitbull off the chain and see if I could kill again
I'm a blue-nosed, green-eyed, thoroughbred pure breed
double threat, split personality, you're fuckin dead
I'm still in black like Darth Vader, I'll drape you up like Al'Qaeda
I'm still shifty, fuck with me, buck fifty to your face with the sharp razor
Slice like a light saber, bright like a Lifesavor
Hi haters! Play pussy, get fucked like a vibrator
Yeah Indiana Jones, I'm the mic raiser
+Arc+ raider, back to Darth Vader
I'm a Hannibal, a cannibal, I killed 'em then I sauteed 'em
I ain't afraid of nobody bitch, everybody bleed
Everybody die, everybody cry
Everybody lie, everybody ask why
All my buddies get muddy, everybody get high

War cry! Eye for an eye, lick stallion
Size of the man, damn those Battle Axe Warriors
War dance, hand for a hand, King Hamurabi 
Laws of the land, tattoos Swollen Army now
War money, more money, your money's our money
Stand in our way, we don't play, now you're bloody

[Mad Child]
Yo I swam through rivers of blood and seen hellfire
Won't lie, when I did percs I never felt higher
Hard rocker, X pill popper
Jaw dropper, I'm a pretty boy hustler
Rough around the edges, still a savage on the warpath
Ravenous, hazardous, draftin up a floor plan
Five years were terrible, errors from heroin
Seroquel, now it's time for five years of miracles
Arrogance, time to save myself from embarrassment
No procrastinatin for this nasty North American
I used to be a dreamboat, steamboat, colorful hero
Robert De Niro, fly
Now my teeth are slowly rottin and there's people out there plottin
That pretend to be my friends and wanna see me die
I don't fuckin care though, not scared like I'm a scarecrow
Come on I got somethin for that ass bro
I'm still an asshole, no cash flow
But kill the rumors that I'm runnin out of gas, yo

My back piece black ink by aggro' war chiefs
Speech pale horse, Palomino, bow and arrow flow
Colt '45 barrel do that, black .23
Rules of engagement rearrangin physicality
Sleepy Hollow hollow men dance of invisibility
Panther claw, jaguar paw adds to credibility
Hundred proof the vocal booth, a moonshine distillery
+Jack+ you like +Daniels+, hourglass sand granules
Hand-to-hand combat, man killed by animal
Strike match flammable like sulphuric chemical


Stomp like Godzilla, killer no filler
I'm Jerry Lee Lewis yeah "Great Balls of Fire"
Goodness gracious, eight bars of fire
I reached for the star, almost lost my desire
Then Mad turned from Anakin into Darth Vader
Rebuilt the Death Star so we could strike back like +Empire+
Deep bite, vampire, new moon shit
Bring it on, I break dawn like a full moon eclipse

[Outro: repeat 2X]
Yeah war money, more money, your money's our money
Stand in our way, we don't play, now you're bloody