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Artist: Swollen Members
Album:  Heavy
Song:   Concentrate
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[Chorus] x2
Concentrate, and think about the words these monsters say
Moves that we make and the shit that we do
And soon you'll find yourself under the influence

[Verse 1: MadChild]
Okay, young back, spin around, I'm mixed up
Say Hi, crack you in the mouth and kick dust
Big truck, roll up in the window for pick-up
Order a quarter-pounder while I'm getting my dick sucked
MadChild, remember my name cause I forget
Bad temper I punch myself in the head
I'm up against the wall, with no one to protect me
Shit, my shadow's had enough, he's fed up, he left me (late)
I'm all alone but I love being lonely
We eat out of our trees (?) me and Moka Only
Start a single-file line at the insane asylum
It's hard to stay calm when your brain is wylin'
I'm smiling but inside I'm screaming, I'm a raging demon
But I love God pray every evening
7, 7 times sometimes 5, I gotta do or say certain things before I die
I ain't thinking up ridiculous thoughts, just comes to me
Social skills suck, I'm real bad company
Still got a long way to go, I ain't sweating
Cause everyday another day awards is what I'm getting


[Verse 2: MadChild]
You don't want to push me past the edge
You don't want to cross the line 'til I see death
Ain't nothing new to me, I bet I seen it
You're barking up the wrong tree dog I mean it
My whole team fienin' to fight and fuck
50 of us roll up in the club like what
Everyone ain't got a girl by the time we leaving
You can bet some people getting fucked up this evening
I'm an *American Idol* staple a maple leaf to my chest
Make believe I'm the best
Keep telling yourself that soon it will be
Let's brainwash yourself 'til everyone feel me
Appeal to the masses I'm made for action
Suspenseful thriller it's a fatal attraction
You're in for a big surprise don't want to ruin it
No choice of course you're influenced in doing it

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 3: Prevail]
I'm throwing thunder bolts like Seuss, making waves like Poseidon
I got my license to kill you better believe that I'm driving
I'm feeling live and on the go like double shots of espresso
I know a couple girls who probably tell their friends I'm an asshole
In the fast lane of entertainment keep your tank full
Watch your rearview and always be thankful
Before I make your next leap deep and tranquil
And shot a tranquilizer dart right into your ankle
And watch you slow your roll and sell your soul to the crow
But you will not be coming back and blasting holes in me bro
Once you're done, you're done, signature - Prev 1
I count it down like an identity from ten to one
My only enemy's the sun its restricts my movement
When the full moon blooms we make the sickest music
In a room full of blood thirsty, worthy students
Soon you'll find yourself under influence

[Chorus] x2