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Artist: Smoke DZA f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Rolling Stoned
Song:   Ball Game
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[Smoke DZA]
Uhh, right
Child of the ghetto, nobody explained it to me
I learned from the streets, no picture was painted for me
These niggas is frauds, they're not what they claiming to be
Got my 9-11 niggas with me, they craving for beef
Let the chopper sing to 'em like Franky Sinatra
High school, nigga probably got shoved in a locker
This for my niggas up top getting ready for lock up
These rap niggas weak, X 'em out like a pop-up
Known for making movies, give 'em an Oscar
Fucking low junky, part reason why they stock up
Hoes fall through the show, spending cake to watch us
Come home to you, kush God on her knockers
Uh, you're fucking right
Just another day, another Harlem night
These fucking weirdos, these niggas ain't bright
Playing round with DZA? Ball game, right

[Chorus: Smoke DZA]
I'm on my way, real on cake
Won't stop grinding till my crew all straight
I do, my dude, don't make me lose my cool
Knock 'em out the park, what you wan' do?
Nigga, it's ball game
That's a ball game chump
Uh, ball game
Nigga, the ball game's done, riiiight

[Kendrick Lamar]
In every inning, sure your career's ending
You niggas ain't winning, really you're short-winded
The bases is loaded, you ever notice
your spot in the game was took as I look at your team choking
Sore losers never can play as a {?}
Send shooters on your block skirting off on a scooter
I'm raising my stock with every hit record, look at my record
Your status will drop as soon as they message me in a session
Minor league coaches, we feed them bitches to vultures
You posing as a poser, we post your death on a poster
Your highlight is getting closer to stardom, we never stalling
We starve 'em and tire mark 'em in the dust so you can watch 'em
In God trust, I'm probably tied up with a cheerleader
Just your luck, you fucked around and let a queer lead ya
Time's up, you play softer than Damian
We aim it at you cranium, and leave fragments over the stadium, what?!