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Artist: Smosh
Album:  Smoshtastic
Song:   This Album's Smoshtastic (Intro)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Anthony] All right, Ian, you ready to do this?
[Ian] Sure. I got to make sure my pitch is perfect. Mimimimimi!
[A] Dude, shut up!
[I] Sorry.
[A] All right, then. Kick that nasty beat!
[I] Actually, can you kick it? I just don't feel like beat kicking today.
[A] Fine.
[Anthony beatboxing in the background]
[I] What up party people? Get ready for a treat.
[A] This album's Smoshtastic and it's really neat.
[I] So sit back and relax.
[A] As we get to the task
[I] Of blowin' out your mind.
[A] And movin' that ass!
[I] This is crazy.
[A] This is funny.
[I] And we're takin' all your money.
[A] We'll be singin' stupid songs until your eggs get runny.
[I] We got songs about robots and songs about dicks.
[A] Songs about Santa rockin' licorice whips.
[I] We got metal from my mom and parents suckin'.
[A] Yeah, emo love ballads and tomahawk chuckin'.
[I] And just when you think we ain't got nothin' left.
[A] Then we switch it up and hit you with
[Both] Cliche dubstep!
[Starts beatboxing dubstep]
[I] Ugh. That sucked, dude.
[A] Whatever, man. Dubstep's freakin' hard!
[I] Worst intro ever