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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ E-40, Young Jeezy
Album:  Doggumentary
Song:   My Fucn House
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: repeat w/ ad libs]
"My fuckin house, this is my motherfuckin"
"This is my motherfuckin, this is my fuckin house"
"This is my motherfuckin, this is my motherfuckin"
"This is my motherfuckin, this is my fuckin house"

[Young Jeezy - over Intro]
Yeah... whassup?
Snoop, Dizzle
It's O.G. status right here nigga
It's my muh'fuckin house too
I {?} in this muh'fucker nigga
Ain't shit move 'til I say so
You know what it is nigga
TT-11 nigga

[Young Jeezy]
This is my muh'fuckin house, AR by the front do'
held by a blonde haired bitch named Sisqo
She'll do anything for daddy man the bitch cold
Tell 'em what the doormat read baby (BIG BLOW~!)
Uh, Pyrex and a digi' scale
Fuck gloves I got yale in my fingernails
And I can leave a set of white fingerprints
Chris Tucker, Larenz Tate, "Dead Presidents"
Dead white boys spread across the coffee table
I don't know maybe I'll start me up a record label
Fuck it; get high and call what's her name?
She like to play this little game called fuck a brain
Love when you talk them numbers sound sophisticated
It ain't nuttin - even the pitbull's affiliated
Yeah, the trespasser's gettin bust on
G shit even the Coupes got Chucks on

[more variations of the Intro]

[Snoop Dogg - over Intro samples]
Yeah, this is my motherfuckin house nigga
This is where I do it at
You got a problem with that? Yeah
Big Dogg nigga
If you ain't a big dog stay on the porch nigga
Dog house or nothin
Dog house e'rything nigga

I gotta hoe house, trap house, and a flat
I'm on parole bitch so I need my pistol back
These rap niggaz is too soft; I built this
from the ground up, pound up until I knock your roof off
New boss, Snoop off and on and
Heed him in the mornin, catch him while he yawnin
My bitch is on the phone and, my homies 'bout to zone in
Cracky, smacky, dippy, whippy, habitual
Potential, strip for your credentials
Mental unessential, shit's official like a referee with a whistle
Nah my nigga shit's official
Like a Jihad Muslim with a missile
Catch me in the air we close to the nickel block
Nigga went platinum but I still serve that nickel rock
Hard times, bad times, fuck doin jail time
Cook it up, rock it up, bag it up and sell mines

[more variations of the Intro]

[E-40 over samples]
This my motherfuckin house
Take your motherfuckin shoes off when you step in my house potnah!
Matter of fact, take your hat off too
Nigga this the round table nigga we'll bust and chop it up
If you can't stand the heat
get your punk ass up out the kitchen
I'm in the motherfucker whippin

This is, my house, in the middle of the trap
Open this door I'm sweatin like I ran a fuckin lap
Customers on hold stressin they keep comin back
3-6-5, 2-4-7, I got Jumbo Jacks
Would you like your cheese with that?
Yeah I like my cheese with that
Crack in the Box, round the clock
Open all night, pitchin rocks
Serving that goop, stuck in my loop
Pitching that tragic all in the traffic
Me and my group, me and my cabinet
Fillin the Coupe, pick it and bag it
I got the key to this spot, break in you gon' get popped
Fuck around and get molly whopped in here
Better not attract no cops
I got another round chopped up in here
Who want what I got in stock?
Not from Atlanta, but I got heart
Chickens birdies quails, baking soda scales
Heavyweights exhale, 5 star hotels
I'm a grinder about my grit
Tryin to increase my profit quick
Fifty thou' under the couch
This is my motherfuckin house

[repeat Intro w/ variations to end]