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Artist: Soul Position
Album:  8 Million Stories
Song:   Candyland Part 2
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{*ad libs for first 21 seconds as it fades in*}

Activator, African medallions, after school fights
"Beat It" jackets, Bermudas, biker shorts
"Billie Jean" jackets, blue balls, carefree curls
Carryin your girl's books, Chuck Taylors
City wings, Coca-Cola jackets
Cold packs, cross-colors
After school detentions, Elise, asleep
Even Stevens, Ewings, extra credit
Feelin girl's booties, Filas, fish on Fridays
Free lunch tickets, grindin wit'cha clothes on
Gumby's, hightop fades, hot packs
Ice cream socials, and Izod shirts
Jams, jeans that was too tight, jellybeans
Jheri curls, kangaroos, Lee's, Levi 504's
Little league, love notes, major damage
"Members Only," moon boots, and Nike Cortez
Old Spice, OshKosh B'Gosh, overalls
Parachute pants, penny loafers with a nickel
Pep rallies, pints of milk, pizza on Thursdays
Rayon shirts, Reebok pumps, reduced lunch tickets
Rustlers, Saturday school, sequins gloves, shags
Silk shirts, skids, sleepovers, sock hot, soup bowls
Stacey Adams, Stan Smith Adidas
Standin on the corner, stonewash jeans
Sunday school, Temps and the Cabbage Patch
The Electric Slide, The Prep, The Running Man, The Smurf
The Snake, Troops, Tuskins, White...