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Artist: Soul Supreme f/ Pete Rock, A.G. & T-Max
Album:  The Saturday Nite Agenda
Song:   Queen (Hip-Hop)
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"You're a Queen to me"

To all those girls who said A: "you smoke too much"
"Shut up baby, and roll that Dutch"
They used to shine on me, well shame on them
'Cause the sun shines on me, I put flames on them
With multiple V's, look at the rims on those
Honey get out the passenger side, look at the ass on her
Cat suit under the fur give me chills when she purr
And I take 'em three at a time like Steve Kerr
And I love 'em long time so you remember me
If you let me tap on that like the MPC
From stage to stereo we on point like ready go
Soon heavy dough, is all we ever know
And while y'all fallin' like the first time on stage 
I'm the last one standing like the Empire State
I get dirty you should know the model
We all gotta go so I blow it in the air like there's no tomorrow

Yo, droppin' weight artistically
Sick to the fifth degree
Who doubtin' check ya history
Respect when you mention me
No negative energy (please)
Enough war takin' place in the streets
To be publicizing the beef
I'm playing for keeps
No documentation of any type
I'm rockin' the mic
 Not raping for the fame or the hype
The glimmer, the glam, the bling or the blam
If I wasn't married with kids and rocking the jam
I'd be somewhere in West Virginia running government scams
And having everybody in the bank show me they hands
Irresponsible and desperate, in other words anything's possible
Not knowing each night, if it's the morgue or the hospital
Or both, so much for the subtle approach
I might just open fire, smoke the herb down to a roach
My show's to promote
Was it me or something I wrote?
The whiz took the shaft to the throat
In nothin' but the trench coat

[Pete Rock]
Yo, I do my thing mainly to teach my offspring
And come together like the song I sing
Each one and teach one all
I spit for the cause, unbreakable talent that shit that keep you smiling
Focus on getting money and raising my seed
Move moms out the hood by 2003
And keeping making that heat, my foes out defeat
The most High He walks with me, He talks with me
And all y'all haters in my way, yo get off P
Make fools of y'all niggas that's softies
About face when you fuckin' with the boss, G
And that's serious, comin' through Fast and Furious
I make amends with life and never make the same mistakes twice
Work hard, see me in a positive light
Stay flowin' on a regular
Still makin' beats and still gettin' it together