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Artist: Spanish F.L.Y.
Album:  Trust No Man
Song:   Shotgun
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[Ese Rich Roc]
(Verse 1)
Rich Rock
Talking no shit
Than you ever could
We get down, shit, I'll walk
Through your neighborhood
Stroll right, through, I would
Give a fuck
Feeling sorry for the vatos that don't
Hear me, yah
Cause my
Shotgun is loaded
And so am, I
Ese Rich Rock, los
Spanish F.L.Y.
Don't fuck around
Cause if you do, you'll let the tears of a
And go
Blind by the shine of the
After I pull it, you will find ya
At the wrong fucking place
At the wrong motherfucking time
And now, you cryin' and dyin'
And while I'm smi-ah-lin'
I walk around for a while
And spot another lie
So Rich Rock
Stops, and drops, back
The clip
I don't give a shit
About no soca that bleed
I got an itching motherfucking finger
That's ready to squeeze the trigger
Two times, one time, won't make it three
Just to let you know you don't
Fuck, with me
When I'm strollin' down your calle
Then you better run
And duck
Cause I don't give a fuck
When I pull out my

Chorus: Ese Rich Roc
Shoot 'em 'fore he run
I said
Shoot 'em 'fore he run" --> Jr. Walker And The All Stars

(Verse 2)
When my
Shotgun is loaded
And I hold it in my hand
To your head
Gimme all your feria
So I can fold it in my pants
And you'll be dead like the (???)
Just another motherfucker
Who died, I would, do it
Fuckin' knew it, that he never thought
I pull it
And a flash, from the blast
Is the last thing you remember
So if you ever fuck around, as an example
When I point my sawed off
And I don't get what I want
To get that
So I suggest
That you realize
If ya
Start some plieto, you'll get a big surprise
Then I can
Get colder
Shit, I'll bury you in a grave
And throw a
Bud can over it
Cause I'm the kind of vato
That like
To waste ammo
Call me insane
Well, when I aim, can (???)
Drop to the ground
As I (???), you can't
Dodge the blast
From the led, that is in
That you hear
And now, you
Just a leva in the past
And at last
The motherfucking job is done
Murder one
From my

Repeat Chorus