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Artist: Spanish F.L.Y.
Album:  Trust No Man
Song:   Soy 18 With a Bullet
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[Male Gangster]
You know what, mayne?
I'm gonna say something, mayne, that I been dying to sing, mayne, for a long time

[Ese Rich Rock]
(Verse 1)
Orale ese, let's load the shotgun up
To show them all that S. F.L.Y. don't give a fuck
Cause it's about time they learn how it really goes down
So throw on the Frisco
And roll
Through the brown side of town
In the fleet line
Bald, you all go on, you won't last long, see I'm
With my homies, and all of them are packin'
If you got pleto, yo te voy, we'll be attackin'
Hardcore cholo
Maybe you didn't know, so
You think I'd give you a chance, at last, fuck no
Show no mercy
Like the veteranos
Is still kickin'
Throw on the Sly, slick and wicked
And turn up the oldies a little higher
Drive a little slower like my O.G. lowrider
See, I'm insane, so bola with no shame
You fuck with me
I settle the score with pain
Just look at the chavalas I kill
Look at the cemetaries I filled
And, I, still, will, get ill, until
You heard the message, you already should have knew it
Mato a todo, soy eighteen with a bullet

Chorus: Ese Rich Rock
"I'm eighteen
With a bullet
Got my finger on the trigger
I'm gonna pull it (Watch out...)" --> Pete Wingfield

(Verse 2)
Nosotros rifamos marijuanos
You think you a loco, no, not even almost
Bring all your socas, down to my rifa
I'll be the one with your bitch down at Tequila
And when I see ya, ass, I'm gonna blast
FUKA, it fast, it's remember in the past
With my sawed off, shotgun, know the job's not done
Til I point the cuete and watch
All escapas, run
Cause when I'm fucked up
I don't give a shit
Pull the trigger, who it hits, it hits
And when I aim
I don't miss
Simon, just another motherfucker on my shitlist
How many's this, mayne
Could take
Nobody knows
All I can say is, "Don't fuck around, holmes"
Because I'm
Down to be brown to the
And it's that Chicano
(???) with the starts to set up apart
Diez y ocho with a bullet
Yeah, you knew that I pull it, but never knew why I do it
To get rid of all these sissy ass vatos
And let 'em know you don't fuck with the loc's

Break: Ese Rich Rock
"Got my finger on the trigger
I'm gonna pull it
I'm picked to click now
I'm a son of a gun" --> Pete Wingfield

(Verse 3)
Smoking juras, runnin' from the jura everyday
Run into my rukas to get laid
Go up in it, then roll to mi barrio
The down side get fucked til tomorrow
Loco por vida is my life, so let me live it
Nomos chingamos todos
And you can't deal with the
Why don't you watch me go
Trigger happy and start cappin' and watch the people
Run for cover and kill another dumb lie
Won't be givin' a fuck
As I see the stupid asses drop
To the ground, now you found, you don't fuck around
With the Foolish Loco Youngster, down to die
S. F.L.Y., talkin' more shit than you ever could
To get down, shit, I'll walk through your neighborhood
But if you roll through my hood, you should trucha
Cause if you don't
Well, we just might shoot ya
That's how we are, that's how I am, that's how we kill
Talk some shit, I'll pull out, the cuete, then I will
Go insane and aim, and then pull it
Mato a todo, soy eighteen with a bullet

Repeat Chorus

[Ese Rich Rock]
"Yes I will" --> Pete Wingfield