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Artist: Stalley
Album:  Ohio
Song:   3:30PM
Typed by:, Stalley


I'm on the radio early, she actin like she ain't heard me
Yee ain't know I'm the man now? Back in the 330
(Midwest models, I got 'em) Just left LA, on the red eye early
Flight land at 3:30, back in the 330
330, back in the 330
Where the niggaz ride clean, and the girls so purdy
330, back in the 330
Where the niggaz ride clean, and the girls so purdy

Long furs, fat blunts, T-Top Monte with the bang in the trunk
Fresh off the plane with the LA stitch, I love Cali girls in the sunshine
But ain't nothin like my 330 chicks, from them Akron girls that went to school with 'Bron
Private school girls who love to get down, and them ratchet girls out of Youngstown
All holdin it down and my white girls in Medina
who's finer than they momma's China
And them Massillon Canton girls who sharper than a line up, got 'em city to city
I'm talkin All-Star line-up, got a roster spot, you can sign up
I'm talkin max deals, Balenciaga, I'm talkin black heels with red bottoms
Pretty girls with the big bottoms, Midwest models, I got 'em


3-3-0, but it's Ohio love
Scarlett grey Chevy with my +eyes+ on the +Bucks+
Move through the trap like Eddie George
Got 27 years piled up in the trunk
I'm talkin FED time, no jersey numbers
My cousin got knocked gave him Worthy's number
He was a mathematician out here he worked them numbers
Love to have a good time, his favorite line
Don't let the work become us and spend freely
Never live life on PG, doe
And wherever you go rep that 3-3-0
So I'm shouting Milq all over this beat, you know?
I like to sit high, and my beats real low
A Midwest nigga to the feet, you know?
A BCG nigga all draped in gold
Never mind a player hater, lame trick, or hoe


You see bro? It all worked out like we knew it would
We came a lonnnng way, I remember the day I met you
This is way before them Alife days - ha~! 'Member those days?
Those was some good days too though
And you came to Atlanta to visit this young lady, a cousin of mine
And ya got into it the FIRST DAY, so I told you roll with me
You rolled around The A, burn something, listenin to some good music
And as we started to talk and vibe, I was like damn, this nigga is just like me
With the same goals, going through the same shit, just in different ways
And ever since then, we done been through it all together
Performing in front of five people, but you kept pushin, and we here now
We deserve this more than anybody, you are Ohio
You are 330, Mr. Massillon, I'm proud of you boy, let's do it