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Artist: Stalley f/ Rashad
Album:  Ohio
Song:   Chevelle
Typed by:, Stalley


[Chorus: Rashad]
Chevelle, Chevelle, Chevelle (...Chevelle)
{Pop-pop} Chevelle, you know me well (know me well)
{Pop-poppin the trunk, pop-poppin} Got me gassin you up
Takin you out on the town, pop-pop-poppin the trunk
...Showing you off, so sexy when your top's down (woo!)


I just wanna show you off to the whole world
Make everyone mad, especially my old girl
I ain't gassin when I say you my only girl
Those new shoes and new coats, you better go girl!
Go girl, you know it's your world
You're so thorough, twerk for me, that talk is so real
Made it, still my superwoman, fo' real
I spent fo' bills just to make that ass fat
And put fo' 12s' in it to make that ass clap
Now you booming, yeah you booming, how I like it
You stay clean with that bubble gum light scent
Dark tint, our alone time is well spent
Whether city cruising or the road trips
You my ride or die, my down-ass chick
My first crush, my first love, since a little-ass kid
I hung posters of you, hopin one day that I get
a chance to show you how deep this love for you is


She's so.. systematic, she's so.. afrocentric
She's so.. black and strong, she's so.. wide and long
She won't never let me get lost, she loves to take control
But yeah, she knows who's the boss, and she loves when I floss
Rou-Round the city, top down, flashin 'em all
Big blunts burning, smoke flowing, like an exhaust
Engine purring, cat wet, fill the bass in like that
I fish tail, she throw it right back, she love when I get under her
Grip the wheel and talk to her, her skin so soft and comfortable
She do whatever I want her to, the whole city in love with her
Kids huddle around her, pointing at her curves
Telling me "I can't wait to get older and find a girl, like, yours"
They wanna sit inside and listen to all her words
Her volume loud, I bet your father smilin down on us
The first time I took you out we sat by the curb
Conversing all night long, listening to Levert


[Outro: Rashad]
Chevelle, Chevelle, Chevelle, Chevelle {E-E-Elev8 the motherfuckin game!}
Chevelle, you know me well {E-E-Elev8}
You know me well {Ohio, stand up}
...Girl, you know me well
Girl, you know me well, ohhh