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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh, Torae, Lee Wilson
Album:  100 Proof: The Hangover
Song:   Get Out
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[Verse 1 - Skyzoo]
At my ring fittin, feelin like my ring different
My hands grew from the last time they was ring dishin
They made mine but they stunted on the ring givin
So now I'm taxin the jeweler like "where the ring sittin?"
If all's movin and tell 'em that I'm beyond movin
I'm all through it, I told 'em that I don't part two it
It's one shot like take it or leave it
The advantage is off top, it's like breakin a ceiling
I handle it off top, both hands on rightfully
They say I achieve too much for them to hype for me
Did it on my own, so yeah I got the right to be
Half of my inbox starts with "can you write for me?"
Huh, so as far as your speakish fam
We not neighbors but I can give your speech a hand
I told 'em, I obsoleted the ones you believed in
And did it on Posturepedics but you thought I was sleepin
Still dozin

[Chorus - Lee Wilson]
Streets keep callin me now, tryin to make me act out
I'm tryin to stay on my nine to five, so one day I can get out
Get out, of everything that keeps tryin to bring me down, yeee-eah

[Verse 2 - Rapper Big Pooh]
I ain't your favorite but the one you like, been a fan
If I sayin I'm the shit then I rightfully am
I write for the yams, a man with no face
In public, I stand, the fans give no chase
Just because I'm public, some fans, get out of place
This is my world, you privileged to get a taste
Or a sample
Dudes get mad when they say that I trampled
Their dreams with no comments, my commentary'll shape the nation of you
You talkin 'bout life and them things that you been through
I've been through the wire
Now I aspire, to take my game higher
Than I ever been, niggaz, crabby I'm ahead of them
You either swim with the sharks or bail out when you see the fin
There's no mistakin when you see the grin
You still sleepin, here's the beast that I held within
Stop dozin


[Verse 3 - Torae]
Yeah, uh, yo, I tell niggaz that I'll sleep when I'm dead
A lot of y'all snoozin, spend weeks in the bed
They say they never heard of a speech from the kid, unfamilarity
So I clarify anywhere you need clarity
Every form of media for music affairs
Had a write up, a post or a feature of his
So if you really involved from the streets to the blogs
You'll be familiar with the God
Nigga my pen is more potent, my dots is more doper
Than the stage presence, the style's what got 'em all open
I might even be the future is what they all hopin
But my mission in music, to make it more focused
Soon as the boy wrote it, they quote it, take notice
They know they fittin to be outta they job in a moment
Niggaz is well bogus
Anything I write, ignite the high, hopeless, how is y'all dozin?

[Break - Lee Wilson] - 2X
I'm really tryin to walk the line
Straight into a new life
Streets keep callin me, they still need me
For me they still provide
What am I to do?
What would you do if you were standin in my shoes?


[Chorus] - w/ ad libs