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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Rock, Sean Price
Album:  What Goes Around
Song:   Heltah Selektah
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[Intro: Statik Selektah sample]
Statik Selektah!

[Verse One: Sean Price]
For life dog i do this shit
Back when Phife Dawg was +True Fuschnick
Invite the fight dog I do Bruce shit
Polite I'm not pa I will shoot shit
The, incredible rap team is back
My smack credible you could ask fiends
L7, I don't bang heaters
The shell the denim veteran yay neither
Aim a two two blazin
The name is Sean Price from the Zulu Nation
No fucks given to a dude who is hatin
Dough I'm spittin to the dudes relatin
Debating you was the best 
He standin right in front of you I'm punchin your chest
Angry with bars you ramblin
I can't stand a amateur pa

[Verse Two: Rock]
Slow Creepin, same time
Intoxicating with a grey nine contemplatin hate crime
Hate life 'cause the snake is hidin in plain site
I'm a don like they come in the day light 
Rock! Royalty, Loyalty all of the above
Dudes i played tonnes, hold me the glove
All of the thugs, show me all of the love in the world
Probably cause i sold all of them guns anyway
I'm a hop, skip and a jump from a foot in yo' ass
You a hot stripper but you get shook for your cash
You soft, respectanize your place in the food chain
Had your little monkey wave 'til this gorilla monsoon came
I'm god to you lames, regardless of what you say
Your +Big Brother Almighty+ I'm like Pa from +School Daze+
It's a new day I'm the star in this movie
These anbesol niggas is too fake, move lames!