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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Action Bronson, Black Thought, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  What Goes Around
Song:   The Imperial
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[Intro: Action Bronson] (Royce Da 5'9") (*Statik Selektah sample)
Yo! (*Statik Selektah!) (Uh Huh!) Yeah Yeah!

[Verse One: Action Bronson]
Yo it's the rap Scott Disick
Come through the fuckin block with some hot lizards (it's me)
Blowin loud in the blizzard
Put six digits on the Wizards, shit, just don't tell my missus
Damn, she throw the dice with a red glove
Spread love, spread legs from the bed to the tub
Floor to the closet
Uhh, "Real Sex" on the Panasonic
I'm gettin head in the pool (bitch)
Bitch, I'm just better than you (bitch!)
Yeah, around the world like four times (times)
All because a motherfucker spit raw rhymes (it's the only reason)
Yeah, more lines, more lines
Shit, feed 'em more lines and more lines (more lines)
I won't dumb it down for morons (never)
It's like shootin big game with a small nine

[Verse Two: Royce Da 5'9]
The bottom line of sellin these pebbles
Get away with your life earnings while I'm tryin to dodge these devils
The whole squad Gucci, Jordans but chances are
You in +LV+ if you +Runnin+ with these rebels
I'm sellin wrapped up, capped up vials of crack
Every syllable and vowel is a fact I throw stacks
The chick ridin with me, she polished, she a dime, she stylish
Check her HOEFAX, her mileage is back, she's solid
The Desert Eagle here to better the people
Sellin perico like there is no I or L in illegal
I hire felons, to sew up the streets, while I let you believe
That it's better to be you baby, I call that threadin the needle
You know me, it ain't nothin corny in the wardrobe
I'm low key, even more so than Thor's bro
Impeccable ear, I take Braille, make it Morse Code
Then peddle it like I'm tryna make the course go

[Verse Three: Black Thought]
...And you say New York City
My cheapest t-shirts cost me fo'-fiddy
Listen for me, the call of the wild is "Go Philly!"
And shorty's in the front row flashin both titties
The texture of my voice is coarse, it's so gritty
That I could make the people +REVOLT+ with no Diddy
I used to kick it with Hex Murda, Frank Nitti
In the D where he would bring J Dilla and Dank with him
Riq Gees for mayor, a franchise player
Yo, you might say I'm in the book of Isaiah
The highway is what his mind weigh
Yeah I'ma put a polka dot on your dome, and Kwamé yah
This is the big payoff, +Soliloquy of Chaos+
Another rapper gon' get ROCKED like Amadeus
Defeat'll make a nigga get ghost like a séance
It's triple entendre, +Three Stacks+ of... +Hey Ya+
I plan to keep a band like Fela
Until when my career's over like A.I.
It's me and the Muhammads, Ali's Bey 'ya
That never played the porch or asked for mother, may I
Listen, my calling card ball hard like armadillos
Rappers too thin to win like cigarillos
Shakin their hair back and forth like Willow
But need to save the soft-ass talkin for the pillows
Whoa, I had a issue with a hater now it's kinda squashed
Like a slug below the soles of the St. Laurents
My response, a steppin' razor like I'm Father Tosh
Exotic fabrics on my blazer like the Maharaja
Sick whips in my garage, roll with no entourage
But I roll with +Heat+ like I'm Dwyane Wade, LeBron and Bosh
I keep the paper stacked in layers like baklavas
Even though they give us ours free, like the Amistad
I know I'm sort of pompous, no type of moral compass
Go right the fuck up in your mouth like I'm the orthodontist
Some rappers, they just startin out, but me, I'm more accomplished
The imperial Black Thought from The Foreign Objects
I created a movement not just related to music
They keep askin me what's my take on the State of the Union
All these haters is human, but I'm a different breed
They be crazy cartoonish, but I'm in a different league
Killer colloquium, kush rolled with opium
Makin my associates act so inappropriate
I got weapons manufactured in the Soviet
Now I'm like Future on that "I just won a trophy" shit
Aiyyo the, the, the boss is back
Take that, and while you're at it, make my coffee black
I tried to tell y'all motherfuckers on Respond/React
I'm the nastiest to do it, as a matter of fact
Yo, who your top 5? Jay, Biggie, 'Pac, Nas
I ain't tryna hear another name, if it's not mine
Any side talkin, I'ma consider it shots fired
At the outlier, and start it up like a hotwire, nigga