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Artist: Stetsasonic
Album:  On Fire
Song:   My Rhyme
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My rhyme

[ Daddy-O ]
Awaken my conscious to a jubilee
Restore me with everlastin energy
My rhyme does work when I put it to use
Makes me glow when I'm walkin up and down the Deuce
And when I'm shoppin on Delancey buyin brand new gear
Girls always wanna whisper somethin in my ear
At a show old ladies even waitin in line
And it all takes place on the count of my rhyme

My rhyme
Talkin 'bout my rhyme
My rhyme

[ Delite ]
My rhyme is the force of sheer suspense
The stroke of elegance and excellence
The best and no less, seizing in your interest
My rhyme is packed with the muscle and finesse
Satisfaction guaranteed as I get ill
Definitely approved that's a thrill to thrill
My rhyme ??????? the escapade
Or at least as a teacher from my trade
Of my rhyme

[ Fruitkwan ]
My rhyme's wrapped in a fury of hate
And dare a devil rhyme rebel my axe terminate
Subduin and pulverizin suckers from afar
Couldn't sling with the king, I'm a hazardous detour
Break north, suckers, I'm intensively hard
My rhyme is on point cause I stay on guard
It might be quiet, but it's deliberated
And when it rocks the mic, it stays motivated

[ Daddy-O ]
Sayin what I mean, meanin what I say
Hooray, you toot and chant when my rhymes are played
If I may, today, demonstrate my sway
A display like the Grammies shoulda went to Sade
My way, my occupation on the m-i-c
The way I handle my rhyme, they call it mastery
Quakin earth, crashin symbols, ringin bells over towns
And you all wanna come hearin Daddy-O's rhyme
Sucker MC's fear it, my fans all cheer it
My rhyme's a category of personafied lyric
Livin, it tastes, feels, hears and sees
You may not believe it, but my rhyme breathes
It only dresses in the freshest gear
And it never wears words that I wore last year
In the summer you may hear it in L.A. at a show
Or at Miami gettin played at a radio show
My rhyme

[ Fruitkwan ]
My rhyme is devious, but believe me it's
One of a kind, you agree from the previous
Rhymes that you're hearin is devastatin
This rhyme made Tschernobyl stop generatin
After effects of my rhyme gets bolder
It move very swift just like a locomotive
The rhymes I possess can surely produce
To any size, big or small, and I can even reduce
My rhyme

[ Delite ]
Sturdy as a bow, I'm sharp as a arrow
A king among kings, a rhymin pharao
Here to ignite, excite tonight
I'm the daddy of swing, the Rhymorator Delite
Rockin chapter after chapter and saga after saga
Try to battle me, man, don't even bother
I'm reapin and leapin to the highest bound
Shake the walls of hell as I rock the town
With my rhyme

Talkin 'bout my rhyme