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Artist: Streetlife f/ Carlton Fisk, La Banga
Album:  Everybody Is Frontin' (S)
Song:   Everybody Is Frontin'
Typed by: Davida.b., Cno Evil

[Intro: La Banga (Carlton Fisk)]
Blaat, Liveson (Scoob Doo), Live gangstas

[Choruse: La Banga & Carlton Fisk]
Everbodies a killa, ain't nobody killin nothin
Er'bodies guerilla, ain't banana clippin nothin
That's why I get the feeling that everybody's frontin
Cuz if everybody wasn't, why isn't everyone bustin

[Carlton Fisk]
It's a jungle, I got animal ways
Wolf pack, bubble a haze
House Gang, we out the cage
Hear that *click click*, next nigga pop the gauge
Bout a paper and a jump shot, he not afraid
Cops are raid, cameras got the block displayed
Gettin money, hittin strips, keep it hot for days
Only message being sent when I part your waves
Moses at the Red Sea, start to pray
Life you save could be your own, but not today
Niggas out here seem to have alot to say
Fronting for nothin till them shots pop your way
Round here the weather year round, hot all day
Just another nigga I had to mash out the way
Somethin for nothin, now niggas got to pay
Silence the revolver nigga, not a glock today
Fuck around, House Gang, and I'm out your way, what!


You not the nigga you think you are really
You act like, butcha not ready for war really
It's not an issue, you was never official
You was never known in the hood for popping your pistol
Now, all of a sudden, you'se a killa in the industry
Stop fronting for real, nigga, I know your history
You got shot in the crossfire, you wasn't the target
Rest in peace to the dearly departed
You the reason why your brother's a corpse, your man is up north
Why your baby mom be sucking me off
You not a killa you just fronting alot, you just holding a glock
You not thinking bout busting a shot
Probably run with the gun in your hand, true definition of fan
You don't wanna see no parts of the can
Yeah the type that get loud in the crowd, but when I single you out
Ramp course'll be wheeling you out


[La Banga]
Ayo I'm tryin to be a better partner
Ayo I'm tryin to be a better father, So I just work harder
Patience can't go farther, I'm trying hard not to work with a revolver
I'm tryin to work with these offers, trying to keep the Jake off us
In the long run, hand to hands cost us
Just cuz of the purchase of the custee
Make us lack somethin, get rusty
Just gather your bread, secret indicments is comin ahead
And hope to get lucky, I know I'm a hot commottity
And these niggas will help the jake hunt me
I ain't prayin, nope they can't just punk me
More the Predator type
By assaulting me, you only gettin me hype
And energy to show my animal rights
If I ain't feelin alright, be on your p's, cuz I'm bringin the pipe
SOS, so shoot on sight
You got heat? Let's start lighting the light
If you don't you that weak when you living this life
This shit is actualy, what we kickin is tight
It's mixed with truth, low & personal gripes
I'm hurting you right, diggin into your personal life
House Gang!

[Chorus 2X]