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Artist: Streetlife f/ Carlton Fisk, La Banga, Method Man
Album:  Not Jus Hip-Hop (S)
Song:   Not Jus Hip-Hop
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Method Man]
Ah, haha, back again
Fuck that, I got an ounce of weed and problems, nigga
Get this shit off my chest one time, come on
I spit a special like a .38 special, nigga
Word up, man, I don't need to perpetrate to ya lame
Fuck that, I'mma let the name speak for itself, yo
Let's do it

[Method Man]
Yo, boss talk, I stay on my grizz, stating my biz
I ain't, playing with this, they better stay in they cribs
When this grown man is speaking on his, ya'll live to eat
I'm eating to live, ain't none of my mines is eating the pig
Ya'll see it is, just what it is, how soon some people quick to forget
Who was the first man to spit it with B.I.G.
See me leaning with this brick in my hand
But if you see them Loose Linx, some lucky fan gon' lose they link in this jam
Got this half of bag of stink in my pants, and first brother that front
Is gon' get checked, like the first of the month
I don't speak Dutch, but I'm certainly blunt
I'm not the type of person to punk, so bump what you personally thump
I let you know just how it is from the jump, music be getting me pumped
Without the gimmicks or publicity stunts, uh-huh
I live this life not, giving a fuck
You either getting it or giving it up, nigga

I got blood vessels in my eyes, feel my temperature rise
I might die tonight, it's not surprise
I got a million ways to get rich, and I'm broke as shit
That's why I keeps a full clip on the hip
Non descript niggas get got, fuck hip-hop
Had niggas running, hopping out they flip flips
When opportunity presents itself
I represent myself, do my dirt for delf
No need for assistance, my basic instints
React on impulse, keep your distance
Confront all end jokes, don't direspect me
Keep my name out your mouth, speak indirectly
If you owe dough, come correctly, no shorts, no excuses
Don't make my net's exclusive
I do this for the love of the music, please don't confuse it
Like I won't black out and lose it, stupid

[Chorus: La Banga]
We do this for cities, with every major hood block
These niggas on this, ain't all about just hip hop
Keep running your mouth like you wont get your shit rocked
If you see that thing cock, you might see the thing pop

[Carlton Fisk]
The rumor was Carlton Fisk was out to lunch
I'm in the booth, one to two takes, without the punch
You can find me where the Predators hunt, I put the peddle to the metal
And the metal to a head of a chump
You can try me, see how swift it'll come, keep a out of town, hood rich
Something nice, getting the ones
Got her own whip, woodgrip, interior plush
Did a bid, the first day home, remembered the rush
Now I'm thinking life's a bitch, but I'm living with her
Enough is enough, seek a beat, call it a touch
It's a big world, in one way, it's small as a fuck
If you snitch, for you a thousand deaths is never enough
And I call it how I see it, it's well, but I'd rather see
These shells hit your body up and see you in hell
Was my main nigga til you lied to save yourself
Watch them other homies gon' have to die in jail

[La Banga]
Yo, who suppose to stop La Banga from catching his wreck
Especially if he's the recipient seeing the check
Yo, I be open as a nigga in danger, leaving his neck
Unprotected, keep it protected, Im fiending for wreck
My ambition got me more than just prep, I feel it more and no less
I'm head strong, big ego, hate stress, but love it
Because it pushes the best, fuck defeat
Why accept what happens in rap, if I won in the streets
We love it, we hug it, sometimes, it don't hug us back
We absorb all the bullshit, but dish it all back
Like a pimp, in minister slacks, the flow is like a pace of crack
When I'm stamping the track, putting in work
Some are gangs, some will remain, and some gon' be hurt
I'm trying to flow, constant as water, while splashing a verse
The impact is like a slug, when it pass through your shirt
That's what it is, it's only balance and preservation is first