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Artist: Strike f/ Animal Chief, Method Man
Album:  The Free World LP
Song:   Hold Up
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Method Man]
Yea, whattup yo, that's right, yeah yeah yeah
I need to be sure, Ayo this your boy Mr. Meth right here man
718 to the 313, let's do it, yeah, my nigga Strike whattup

[Chorus: Animal Chief]
(Hold up) Before you get your jaw swole up
Take another step, the Mac might bust, see the cops get touched
Squad cars get blown up when you see us coming up, screaming 'what nigga'
(Hold up) Throw your guns up before you get touched
Or you get crushed by D.O.T.'s bust, niggas don't give a fuck
We move like the feds on us, so beware when you see us coming up, screaming

[Animal Chief]
Yo I don't need a bottle of Hypnotiq to get bout it
Wild fiends known for carrying guns and narcotics
I'm a hustla, I fell of my feet and bounced back
I'm not guarenteed if I don't make it in rap
See I don't shoot craps, I shoot cats with M40 Gats
I never been shot, but I been pistol whipped by the strap
Stabbed in the back, best friends turned into rats
I used to smoke weed, pop e and guzzle the yak
But now I stack cheese by all means, gun in my jeans
I move out with a small team, misses and me
AKs with the guns and beans, Uzis and M16
We carry more ammo than US Marines
So if you wonder why people call me the Chief
Some people call me Savager Beast
I corrupted the schools and the streets
When in the other hood, we don't lay heat
Ran up in stores, seizing the cheese
The Mountain Climbaz do as we please


[Method Man]
Ain't nothin sweet right here, I got a fetish for this mic phone, forget t
I'm heading for the top, but not without my eagle desert
A little rough around the edges, trick, but give me credit
I'm something like Jerome Beddings, you know the bust
I spit dust, bu there ain't a thing about that's prosthetic
I'm blacking out, call a medic, fuck that anesthetic
Bring on the pain from these cosmetics
MCs that make up none, that's right, I said it
If you let Tical spread it, we can split this head of lettuce, but you
can't split my Method
I'm copesthetic, now pop another e for evan
I'm well rested for any enemy that you slept with
Tical check it, we serve another copy of the next Meth murder record
All major credit cards accepted
I don't gotta be arrested, or talk about how I'm well connected
To be respected, you know my steeeez


You gon need more killas for guns, more cats on your team
More M16s for redbeans, to try to fuck with this latest regime
I put four in your chest, three in your leg and two in your spleen
See I don't gotta come sell you a dream
Nicknamed Detroit's Spike Lee, I stay on the screen
I got soldiers that live in the mud
Once a nigga break loose, the whole industry is catching a flood
You better back, the general is in this bitch, back up
Before I lift my mac up and make your bones crack up
Don't worry bout trying to act up
Cuz these MCs from the streets will have you begging us to put the strap up
See any spot is out cold, I come with enough ammo to swallow up your area code
And I smash niggas outdoors, when it's all said and done, I earned my
spot and ya'll paid
for yours