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Artist: Sudden Death
Album:  Brain Dead
Song:   Godzilla
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Now get back, give me slack from the entonement pit 
'Cause the Sudden Death-Honeynut conglomerate 
Is fuelin' the fire for the monster jam 
I'm movin' the masses with the mic in my hand and 
Pinch-hittin' as it's writtin' rockin' hip hop top charts 
Combust spontaneous rhymes, I'll recall you like lawn darts 
I got cues from the Devo Spice 
To be positive, my dynamite cranks what's nice 
Godzilla, the lizard king is not whack 
So funkin' bad he'll break the back of a Sleestak 
And cause chaos when I'm done make it hectic 
In fact you can't estimate how bad that I wreck it 
Insane book knowledge give me stupid vocab 
Vacuum sealed head and my gab don't go bad 
Rappin' sniper you can bet I'm hyper 
I'm drawin' a crowd like my man the Pied Piper 
Zippedy-pippedy-do-dah, zippidely-d-o-a 
My oh my that's crazy lyrics to say 
And when I DJ I'm more like the Darth Vader 
'Cause I cut it up right with my light saber fader 
You don't think it's gonna last, it does bet your ass 
That's why the floor boards shakin' low frequency blasts 
I pillage and I plunder like the Hun Atilla 
Or the freak Godzilla.  

Godzilla, the killer, don't press your luck 
From the depths of beyond comes a power of destruction 
Panic as I have it wreakin' havoc on the street 
Shakin' ground from the sound of the poundin' of my feet 
And the beat the crushes all the backbones burns 
Leavin' suckers out of luck stuck dead on the curb 
The monster beat, with  my monster breath 
Means I'm sending all the men to an impending sudden death 
Spice, the vox on the box 
I'm allergic to the nuts, but Honeynut rocks 
Leaving what I do true to the heart when I start 
I just do what I gotta do and rip it all apart 
Stuck in my basement I'm breakin' out hard 
'Cause the noise of my toys can destroy the front yard 
I summon up the bass and I send it on a rampage 
Read about the beat tomorrow morning on the front page 
And cower at the sound of my growl 
As I howl you'll hit the ground 'cause my breath is so foul 
I wreck everything in my way every day 
Take a building I don't like and redesign it my way 
You can hear me comin' for miles around 
Get in my way I'll beat you down you won't last a whole round 
Meet ya and I treat ya and I'm guaranteed to thrill ya 
Because I'm hung like Godzilla