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Artist: Supastition f/ Little Brother
Album:  Chain Letters
Song:   Soul Control
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Just nod your head a little bit to the beat
Illmind on production, Supastition, Little Brother
About to show you what it's all about, that soul

[Chorus: Supastition]
Aiyyo it's so fly, this is what we paid to do
They wanna know why we rock the way we do
Because I got "soul", you got "soul"
We got "soul", super dynamite "soul"
We the top three niggas all across the globe
Now Carolina's in total control
Hands up now I got "soul", you got "soul"
We got "soul", super dynamite "soul"

Uh, it's like every time that Phonte Coleman writes
the competition be running shook and hopeless like
they cut they TV on and seen a fucking poltergeist
To that left-field shit, we hold the rights
I know the whole world is watching so, I never slurred no words
But I done served more herbs than Emeril Lagasse so
the recipe is LB and Supa, that's all you got to know
And I'ma open up my ears, see what y'all niggas got for me
Your lyrics is noise, it's total cacophony
Illmind put the loop on, y'all niggas sound lukewarm
I'm meaning y'all just not that hot to me
NC's that state that y'all ignored
Rap's like a train station and we all aboard
with the same walk, same talk, same niggas following schemes
I wish they learned to follow their dreams
and put some soul in it, uh


[Rapper Big Pooh]
I got more soul than James Brown
We finna blow like Young when he touched down with all that raw
Put my sight on the moon, fell amongst the stars
The three dopest emcees that you heard thus far
Get high with me, listeners take a ride with me
Share my joy and pain and cry with me
Collide with me ain't something I suggest homie
Know boys that'll stick you for your Tony
Allow me to reintroduce myself
Don't get twist' cause my record, you ain't see on the shelves
LB regroup, had to go for 'delf
That's why I flow now from the soul of my pelv-
-is, getting crazy, the world can't fade me
Battle back rumors Pooh is gob, niggas crazy
They can get the ballzack for acting all Swayze
They did it again, fuck you, pay me


Supa and LB, together we both layered the blueprint
We hot y'all, the top dogs, the next movement
If you could find somebody better in any state
Please, I wanna hear their LP or their demo tape
Come equipped with a CD, far from a freshman
Yes, I'm legendary like Jimmy Smith on the B-3
Carolina's anthem has just been recorded
The fans be like "Damn son, it must be in the water"
Everybody with a deal nowadays' a star
I'm on some body builder shit, I'm tryna raise the bar
I got soul and I'm southern to the blood
Beats and rhymes complement each other like a couple in love
Now this the joint that play when the club is packed
The DJs want doubles or a dub of the track
Bring it back, NC controlling shit like that
Now let me see one of them space rappers spit like that
I got soul ... Cause we got that soul, soul