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Artist: Slum Village f/ Dilla
Album:  Detroit Deli
Song:   Reunion
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{Verse 1} (Dilla)
Yo L and Ten kill'n em, Three kill'n 'em
You thought we broke up but we was reassembalin
Ladies and gentlemen you barewitnessin
The villa on some classic shit like vans in balims
Its' the gorrila pimps, we bustin denim in the club
That you cant wear ya denim in
Freakin a rhyme til every line ends with a then and than
You dont wanna rump and stomp in Timberlands
Shout to my nigga Killagan
And all of my peps that rep more D then 12 Eminems
Who let the dogs out and let Dilla in?
Fuck wit this is ya loss Gilligan
Sounds simila I'm not feelin 'em
Get the bars like Venus in Wimbelon
While I'm in them fly whips five Will and them
On some Kim and them All About the Benjamins
Still here

Still here never left just switched the style up
Came through made moves to get the crowd up
Its hard time "V" time nigga ya times up
Get rowed up for the Reunion

{Verse 2} (T)
L kill'n em, Dilla kill'n 'em
Maybe we could hook up again back wit Ten and them
together again like armed forces on some Fantastic Four or Four Horsemen
Cant do it without ya crew boy
Guess who boy, come'n through wit two boy
Nobody but us that rap in a clutch
Passed and switched it up like kids in double dutch
Some couldn't feel our style or feel our
Ever talked our slang never walked our roads
All they know is these niggaz is tainted
Don't know about those rovers that candy painted
We've been miss quoted, miss con-screwed, miss understood, and over used
So we take this time to set the record straight
Critics skipped and did it anyway
Now you hear our raps wit Dilla and you all on our team
Till you heard Ten was gone was apart of he skem
See! We still got love where was you at at?
Just cuz a nigga go solo think we turned our bak
Maybe we will reunite on some shit like that
But I gotta set it straight for' you twists the facts nigga


{Verse 3} (L)
Yo T kill'n em, Three kill'n 'em
You thought we broke up and ya you rite we really did
I wrote a verse that I recited it was hot
But I had to rewrite cuz I thought we was united and we not
But though all the love that I got for you
Parna I picked apart ya words and I'm shooked in them interviews
I been acused of not care'n
When the city threw your furnture out
Its not fair when I'm learnin about how stress you fell in a article
Forget a rhyme I'm just as real when I talk to you
And you know that we share Kodak moments
I wish we could go back
But don't act like you wasn't bug'n out like a phone tap
Chase'n cars in the street
I saw you throw a part in the sink
After hit the bar for a drink who asked you to slow down?
Eventhough niggaz told me you was gon' clown
You didn't know I cried when I saw you whallen at the State Theater
In the door by the side
Throw you in the trunk and found a preacher for you
Cause I thought you had unlawful demons on you
Sink'n fast in the deepest soil
Ya parents finally got you some help
You came out seem'n normal and
I heard you on medication
Had a illness you couldn't heal with herbs and meditation
And believe me; Me and T, Three kept it low
Don't take this as a dis this is just to let you kno that I love you
But watch the company you keep
Sware niggaz don't care, but they love you in the streets
Get ya mind right nigga...